google maps

A future version of Google Maps may feature location sharing, more new goodies

Google is reportedly working on a new version of Google Maps with location sharing, improved performance, and other enhancements. It will allow users to beam their location to select contacts.

Google Maps update for iOS brings some neat features for drivers

Google is continuing to hone its iOS Maps app to keep its loyal users happy and discourage them from ever considering Apple's alternative. Its latest update, rolled out on Thursday, offers a couple of neat features for road users.

Trump Tower temporarily became ‘Dump Tower’ on Google Maps

Google may have disabled Map Maker earlier this year to stop the public at large from trolling Google Maps, but apparently, where there's a will, there's a way. On Saturday, someone changed the name of Trump Tower to "Dump Tower" on Maps.

Google’s Popular Times now tells you how busy a location is in real time

Google has updated its Popular Times feature to not only show how busy a location could be, but to also show how busy it currently is, in real time. The new feature basically uses anonymous location information.

Google tells us what we need to know to get to Thanksgiving without delay

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but how fast will your journey home be? Have no fear, Google Maps is here to expedite that trip to the best of its abilities by way of some early data that you may find useful.

Google shuts down Map Maker, to the chagrin of Google Maps trolls

Google has announced that it will shut down Map Maker, the tool that allowed any Google Maps user to contribute edits to the company's Maps platform, in favor of its invite-only Local Guides program.

New Google Maps beta lets business owners upload photos of their store

A new Google Maps beta has been released, showing that owners can now upload photos of their business to be showcased in the app before a user navigates to that particular storefront.

Food at your fingertips: See meal delivery options in Google Maps for iPhone

Sure, you can navigate your way to food with Google Maps, but we know what you really want to do is have your food find its way to you. The latest update to the popular navigation app now shows you food ordering options.

You can now summon an Uber or Lyft directly from Google search

Google's making hailing an Uber easier than ever. It's added shortcuts to ridesharing services like Lyft, Uber, and others to search results on mobile. The support is rolling out globally.

Google Maps gains a shortcut to the Traffic screen and readies a real-time ‘busyness’ view

The newest version of the Google Maps beta for Android has gained a shortcut to the app's traffic screen and a real-time busyness view. It'll roll out gradually in the coming weeks.

Photo-sharing site Panoramio falls off the map, discontinued in favor of Google Maps

The photo sharing platform based on geo-tagging will be closing it's doors in favor of new Google Maps photo sharing features. The 11-year-old Panoramio closes Nov. 4, with users encouraged to try the Local Guides Google Maps photo sharing…

OK Google: How about finally adding some hands-free voice support to Maps?

Using Google Maps while driving is about to get a whole lot safer -- Google has updated the app with support for hands-free voice controls, meaning you'll be able to ask Google for things without taking your hands off the wheel.