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Google projects: Social gaming platform and Chrome video chat

Google's got a few tricks up its sleeve, as it looks like the company plans to create a social gaming platform and its own video chat application.
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Google +1 may launch tomorrow; UPDATE: +1 begins initial launch with partner sites

A Google partner company pulls the rug out from under the software giant and announces the supposed launch first.

The rumor that won’t die: Google has a mole at Twitter

It's a little outlandish to think Google has a spy infiltrating Twitter, but here's our take on the Google-Twitter fiasco.
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Google CEO Larry Page cleans house, demands better social strategy

Determined to further Google's top spot in the tech industry, returning CEO Larry Page has begun to restructure the company, and add financial incentives to employees to create a winning social media strategy.
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Google Profiles get a social makeover

The most recent step in the never-ending Google-social saga is a big upgrade to Google Profiles.
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Google navigation addition is not Google +1

Calm down! That new navigation feature below your toolbar isn't Google's long-awaited social project.