Google Pay now lets you use your phone to ride the Las Vegas Monorail

Google Pay, Google's mobile payment system, turns your phone into a wallet and negates the need to pull out your credit card in stores. Here is everything you need to know about it, including all the countries where it can be used.

You can try games before downloading them with Google Play Instant

Google launched Instant Apps as a way to try apps before downloading them. Now, the company is expanding the feature to games. The feature is currently only limited to a few games, but it's expected to expand later this year.

North Carolina police force asks Google for data from devices near crime scenes

Police in Raleigh North Carolina are issuing warrants to Google asking the tech giant to provide account details for devices that come close to a crime scene. The warrants raise questions about security and privacy for smartphone users.
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Google ups the ante on its war against Amazon with Shopping Actions

Google is now teaming up with brick-and-mortar retailers including Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Costco, and Ulta Beauty to make it easier than ever for you to find where you can purchase some of your favorite items with Shopping Actions.

Twitter joins Facebook and Google in banning cryptocurrency advertising

Twitter is joining Facebook and Google in banning cryptocurrency advertising, specifically disallowing ads for initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency wallets, and token sales.

These are best Android phones of 2018 for every price range

We gathered together the best Android phones right here to help you find your ideal device. We have got the top picks at different prices, with some suggested alternatives worth considering.

The Google Lens app is now available on Google Photos for iOS

There's a whole world of information available at your fingertips, as Google Lens makes its début on Google Photos for iOS devices. Google Lens can identify books, landmarks, and more, and provide information in seconds.

Personalize your email by adding a signature to your Gmail account

Whether you're adding a photo, logo, or a mobile signature, adding a signature to your Gmail account is easy to learn. Our tutorial outlines everything you need to know about adding a signature in the desktop and mobile version of the app.

Google adds wheelchair-accessible routes to Google Maps

Google officially introduced wheelchair-accessible routes on Google Maps. The new feature will give those with wheelchairs or other mobility needs an easier way to navigate using public transit.

Report shows Machine learning is helping make Google Play a whole lot safer

According to a new report released by Google, Google Play is getting a whole lot safer -- and it's mostly thanks to machine learning in Google Play Protect, the service aimed at scanning potentially harmful apps.

Google Maps is open to mobile AR game developers using Unity

Google said that it opened its Google Maps doors to developers of mobile augmented reality games, granting access to all that mapped data. This reduces the rendering overhead by allowing developers to transform the current area.

Google will ban cryptocurrency ads from its AdWords network in June

Google said that starting in June, its AdWords advertisement platform will no longer support ads based on cryptocurrencies and related services. The move is in response to the uncertainties of digital cash and related scams.