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Hands on: Facebook Graph Search digs deep, even if it doesn’t always strike gold

Introduced last week, the Facebook Graph Search roll out continues. Now that we've got our hands on the new feature, we had to give it a try.
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Will Facebook Graph Search Make You Look Like an Idiot? Check out these actual Graph Search results

The new Facebook Graph Search holds a lot of promise, but it could also make you look really, really dumb. A new Tumblr showcasing just that has gone viral, and the rest of us should take note before Graph Search is fully rolled out.
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Before Facebook Graph Search launches, scrub your profile with Facewash

Like any Facebook user, you're bound to have embarrassing photos or comments hidden deep in your profile. So before Graph Search digs up your dirt, check out Facewash to find posts that should stay forgotten.

Why Facebook’s Graph Search needs to be mobile right now

Facebook unveiled Graph Search this week, and, even though it wasn't the fabled Facebook Phone, the new feature makes Facebook all the more powerful in the hands of users. Desktop users, that is. Here's why Facebook should move search onto…
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Facebook turns to Bing for (some) help with Graph Search

Facebook may be behind the bulk of Graph Search, but the social network is turning to Bing to supplement its database.
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Why Facebook Graph Search is the best thing you never knew you always wanted

Facebook is rolling out a new product called Graph Search, the tool that will finally make sense of all the seemingly useless tagging, checking-in, and friend-making you've been doing for the last who-knows-how-many years.
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Facebook adds Graph Search, a new way to find content and new friends on the social network

A Facebook Phone it is not, but the social network is leveraging a new function that could change the way we interact with the platform: Graph Search.