5.9 million payment cards exposed in massive data breach at mobile retailer

Mobile retailer Dixons Carphone has admitted a massive data breach which has exposed payment details of 5.9 million people. The hack took place in 2017, and Dixons says no fraudulent activity has been recorded.

FBI lands a big catch, busts 74 and shuts down $16 million phishing ring

The FBI has coordinated the arrest of more than 70 people in six different countries in a crackdown on phishing scams. The raids targeted corporate fraudsters and managed to recover more than $16 million.

Hackers prove how powerful computers can cheat Bitcoin and blockchain

The cryptocurrency ZenCash became the latest victim in a trend of 51 percent attacks which have lead to the theft of thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency, raising questions about the security of certain blockchains.
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Amazon has fixed a bug that allowed hackers to listen in on Alexa devices

Amazon fixed a bug with Amazon Alexa that would have allowed hackers to create a skill to listen in on users. Researchers found they could manipulate a specific Alexa feature, allowing hackers to listen in on users.

Researchers claim hackers can create havoc in the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

A recent paper published by researchers from the University of New Haven in Connecticut shows that a vulnerability in OpenGL enables the team to alter the playing space and virtual environment on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Hackers stole digital coins while a YouTube broadcaster advised about ICOs

YouTube streamer Ian Balina was advising about initial coin offerings during a live-stream when hackers stole around $2 million in digital coins from his virtual wallet. He believes the hackers used an old college email address.

Privacy wonks won't shut up about 'GDPR,' and it's worth learning why

When the General Data Protection Regulation comes into play in May 2018, it will have a sweeping effect on how personal data is handled online. Though it's an EU law, it has some major implications for online companies like Facebook.
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Hackers place gun images in Vevo YouTube videos “just for fun”

Hackers managed to get into Vevo's YouTube account on Tuesday morning, causing some videos to temporarily leave the platform. Vevo fixed the breach after the videos were removed while the hacked information was corrected.

If you’re a Best Buy customer, you may want to check your accounts

Just a day after Sears, Kmart, and Delta admitted that they were affected by the breach of the data firm [24]7.ai, Best Buy has come forth with a statement of its own, noting that it too has been impacted.

Hackers could have credit card numbers of 880,000 Orbitz users

Did you book travel on Orbitz in 2016 or 2017? User data could have been accessed by hackers, Orbitz said on Tuesday. The company hasn't yet found if the data was compromised but says a breach makes it possible.

Equifax could make money from its own breach; 2.4 million more are exposed

A double-whammy for Equifax: Senator Elizabeth Warren claims the company could make money from the breach, the credit-rating agency revealed another 2.4 million people were exposed in the 2017 hack.

2018 Winter Olympic Games have been hacked, organizers confirm

It has now been confirmed that the 2018 Winter Olympics was the subject of a cyberattack. On Sunday, game organizers verified rumors that the Olympics were hacked during Friday's opening ceremony.