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New mask-mounted head-up display gives Navy combat divers tactical advantage

Divers are often forced to work in low-light conditions where visibility is limited or all-but nonexistent. In order to help solve this problem, the Navy has developed a new head-up display known as Shadow Nav.

Nike patent hints at a head-up display to help golfers read putting greens

A recent patent filing by Nike indicates that the company is looking to bring new technology to the golf course by creating a head-up display system that can help golfers more accurately read putting greens.

Car head-up display maker Navdy says units may stop functioning

Car head-up display maker Navdy is shutting down. The company sent emails to customers noting that it is liquidating its assets and that units already bought by customers may soon stop working.

Microsoft just released a fully functional, Terminator-style HUD for HoloLens

Microsoft posted a tutorial on creating a Terminator T-800 heads-up display using HoloLens and Unity, complete with face detection and optical character-recognition capabilities.

Navdy partnering with Harman to sell its heads-up display at retail worldwide

Navdy, makers of the eponymous heads-up device for cars, has entered a distribution partnership with Harman International that'll see Navdy units sold at retail around the world.

Want a HUD in your motorcycle helmet? Livemap survives where Skully crashed

Are connected motorcycle helmets the future? After the disaster that was Skully, a Russian inventor may have a better way to see the road ahead for riders. We took a look at his latest prototype.

BMW’s futuristic concept helmet has a heads-up display, rearview cam, and more

BMW has introduced an experimental helmet equipped with a heads-up display and a pair of cameras. Additionally, built-in V2V communication allow riders to send a message to other bikes in a given perimeter if he or she detects an obstacle…

Does putting a display in a motorcycle helmet make you suicidal … or safer?

While distracted driving is a daily headline and in-car tech seems to increase the distraction quotient with every model year, there’s one place where a pure focus on the road ahead seems to persist: on a motorcycle. But that may be about…

In your face, Google! Nissan is planning its own eyewear

Nissan has teased us with another new piece of tech. Following its recently announced smartwatch, the car manufacturer will be revealing a Google Glass-style heads-up display, called the Nissan 3E, during the Tokyo Motor Show.
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Easy on the eyes, hard on the wallet: Hands-on with Recon’s MOD Live HUD goggles

While Recon's latest Heads-Up Display technology comes with no shortage of impressive features, it carries a pricetag steeper than any slope you've ever ridden, making it a luxury that only a privileged few will indulge in.
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Special NASA glasses enable pilots to see through fog

When fog suddenly blankets an airport, it can make things difficult for pilots taxiing to and from the runway - especially if they're not familiar with its layout. To help solve this problem, NASA has developed a pair of augmented reality…

Ubuntu moves beyond the desktop with new TV interface, menu-killing navigation system

The open source operating system continues to refine itself for next-generation products while still retaining its PC appeal.
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Terminator-style vision gets closer with new ‘smart’ contact lenses

Contact lenses containing a heads-up display are closer to becoming a reality after a successful lab test.

New augmented reality system shows 3D GPS navigation through your windshield

A new type of heads-up display engine provides 3D GPS navigation directions on your windshield that look as though they're part of the real world.