Learn about the roots of the modern computing with the BBC’s free archive

If you would like to learn where the modern computing revolution started, the BBC's newly expanded Computer Literacy Archive can show you, with more than 260 documentaries from the 80s and 160 BBC Micro programs to try.

Looking back at six models that made the Ford Mustang the icon it is today

Designed as a Chevrolet Corvair rival, the Ford Mustang became one of the best-selling and most popular sports cars on the planet. Here we look back at some of the Mustang variants that helped turn the Blue Oval's pony car into an icon.

From pranks to nuclear sabotage, this is the history of malware

The history of malware is as long as the history of software itself. What began innocently five decades ago has evolved into a worldwide threat and weapon of cyber warfare. Here’s how it happened.

Photo of Jesse James bought on eBay for $10 turns out to be worth millions

A collector of old photos recently bought one on eBay for $10 because he liked the look of it. He recently discovered it's of the infamous outlaw Jesse James and may be worth more than $2 million.

Step into the past with the best history podcasts of the present

Whether you long to hear bizarre true histories that put fiction to shame, in-depth analysis of famous events and characters, or interviews with world-renowned historians, you need to listen to the best history podcasts.
Emerging Tech

Today’s archaeologists are putting down shovels and turning to tech

Archaeology may be a field based on looking at the past, but that doesn't mean it can't focus on the future as well. Here's how cutting edge tech is helping change archaeology as we know it.
Emerging Tech

Australian startup brings ancient Athens back to life in virtual reality

A VR startup has reconstructed ancient Athens like it appeared 2,000 years ago. Photorealistic and archeologically accurate renditions of famous structures delivered straight through your VR headset.

From battlefields to suburban driveways, this is the history of Jeep

Born on the battlefield, Jeep rode waves of industry boom and bust to become a true automotive survivor, and an American icon. This is the unlikely story of Jeep, and the many great cars it’s made.
Movies & TV

7 real-life inspirations for Game of Thrones that are crazier than fiction

George R. R. Martin drew inspiration from many sources for Game of Thrones, including plenty of interesting parallels pulled from actual history. Find out just how close your favorite fantasy drama comes to the real thing.

New Vivaldi browser arrives with a History feature for better usage monitoring

The latest version of the Vivaldi browser is out sporting a new History feature that's unlike the same component in competing browsers. The new feature includes graphics, statistics, and a calandar-based view for easy tracking.
Virtual Reality

New VR game lets you experience the sinking of the Titanic, and explore the wreckage too

Titanic VR puts gamers in the role of a survivor onboard the ship prior to its sinking and aboard a submersible exploring the wreckage. The developers have turned to research books and thousands of pages documents to ensure realism.
Virtual Reality

Time elects the HTC Vive to bring Pearl Harbor attack to virtual reality

HTC partnered with Time to bring Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor to life in virtual reality. Being able to experience a historical event from smack dab in the middle of the action lends both reality and weight to it.

Animated short explores the rapid evolution of the camera since 1900

Motion graphics designer Potero Delantero created an animated video that showcases 15 of the most iconic and groundbreaking cameras throughout the ever-evolving history of photography.

Cold War bunker built to protect president now holds explosion-prone, historic films

Once a shelter for the president in the event of a nuclear incident, a Virginia bunker now houses 6.3 million pieces of cinematic history. A recent video takes viewers inside the Library of Congress' Packard Campus.

Tour 130 years’ worth of groundbreaking cars in Volkswagen’s ZeitHaus museum

Operated by Volkswagen, the ZeitHaus museum celebrates history, design, and technology by showcasing models that have left an indelible mark on the evolution of the automobile.

Google testing a new, streamlined search history format on Android

Hey, Android users, have you noticed something a little different about your Google Search widget as of late? No, you're not losing your mind. The search engine is indeed making a few tweaks.

Happy birthday, photography! You don't look a day older than 177

Break out the birthday cake – today marks the release of the predecessor to modern photography, the daguerreotype (just consult a fire marshal before lighting those 177 candles).

New beta software automatically tags and captions historic images

Much of the world's history is still in physical form, but Gado Images is working to teach computers how to automatically tag and caption historic photos to give museums a leg up in digitizing (and monetizing) large archives.