Chrome for Android can now receive alerts from nearby objects using the Physical Web

Why should iPhone users have all the benefits of interacting with Bluetooth beacons? Google has now added support for the Physical Web to Chrome for Android starting with beta version 49.
Emerging Tech

Van Gogh vs. Candy Crush: How museums are fighting tech with tech to win your eyes

As a visual experience, museums are finding new rivals in services like Netflix and YouTube. But many are incorporating new tech to enhance the museum-going experience.
Smart Home

Beecon is a free app for automating your home with iBeacons

It's been about a year since Apple first announced its iBeacon technology, and now, at long last, there's finally a free app that makes using it easy and accessible for the average Joe.

Apple installs NFC in its stores ahead of iPhone 6 launch

With Apple expected to make a push into mobile payments with the launch this week of its new iPhone and possibly iWatch, the company is reportedly busy fitting its stores with new NFC readers and upgraded iBeacon transmitters.

SFO trials beacon-based navigation system to help blind visitors explore terminal

Visually impaired visitors to San Francisco airport will soon be able to make use of a new beacon-based system that works with their handset to offer information on points of interest within the terminal building, as well as directions to…

These sunglasses connect to your phone, so don’t ever forget them again

Tzukuri may have solved that annoying problem of losing your sunglasses. By inserting an iBeacon chip inside its new frames, these specs connect to your iPhone and will alert you if they get left behind.
Emerging Tech

Philips challenges Apple’s iBeacon with ‘intelligent lighting system’ for shoppers

Philips has unveiled an 'intelligent lighting system' similar to Apple's iBeacon technology that communicates with a shopper's smartphone as they make their way through a store, offering directions to items, special offers, and more.
Health & Fitness

NFL, MLB roll out iBeacon tech for Super Bowl, Opening Day updates

Looking for ways to reach more football and baseball fans, both the NFL and MLB are utilizing beacon technology to transmit mobile notifications related to sales promotions and other location information.

Apple’s iBeacon alerts land in grocery stores via inMarket

Apple's location-sensing iBeacon technology is being rolled out in grocery stores across the US, with users of inMarket's shopping apps able to receive notifications on things like discount coupons, loyalty rewards, and also reminders about…

Apple rolls out its location-sensing iBeacon tech to message shoppers inside its stores

Apple rolled out its location-sensing iBeacon technology at its US stores over the weekend, allowing the company to message iPhone-owning visitors to its brick-and-mortar sites information according to their precise location within the…

Apple’s location-sensing iBeacon tech comes to Macy’s, offers discounts and more

Apple has said little about its location-sensing iBeacon tech since introducing it a few months back, but one company has already started testing it at Macy's as a way of offering smartphone-equipped shoppers discounts and more when they…