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Reis & Irvy’s robotic frozen yogurt machine to be released in April

The patented technology of the froyo vending machine robot was manufactured by Flex, Ltd, with frozen yogurt created by Dannon YoCream. The Froyo Robot offers seven flavors of frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet, and gelato.
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Space station astronauts are waiting for the delivery of a very tasty treat

A very tasty treat is heading to the International Space Station, and it sure beats lettuce, which former ISS astronauts got every excited about in 2015. The delivery is expected to arrive aboard SpaceX's Dragon ship on Wednesday.
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Five sweet ice cream makers for homemade deliciousness

Who makes the best ice cream makers? Well, that depends on whether you want old-fashioned vanilla or something more elaborate. Here are five of our favorite ice cream makers, each of which is tailored toward a different individual.
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Travel-ready ‘Gastronaut’ ice cream bars don’t melt, so you can take them anywhere

34-year-old Rob Collington, founder of Gastronaut Ice Cream, has created the world's first organic, freeze-dried ice cream that promises not to melt all over your hands. Just like the astronauts eat. Kind of.

Can’t promise bells, but Uber will deliver free ice cream on demand this Friday

Even if Uber ride-sharing isn't in your city you might want to check, because for four hours on Friday the 15th you can hail free ice cream on demand with the Uber app. This year will be Uber's fifth annual ice cream day.
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At last! Scientists solve the sticky issue of melting ice cream

Fast-melting ice cream is a sticky issue that's plagued ice cream eaters ever since the first cones appeared around 200 years ago. However, scientists in the U.K. claim to have found a solution (and it doesn't involve eating the ice cream…

Uber delivering ice cream across the U.S. and beyond TODAY

Uber drivers in cities around the world will be delivering a whole lot of ice cream Friday as the service better known for transporting people launches its fourth annual Ice Cream Day.
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The perfect ice cream scoop, designed by an aerospace engineer

Designed by aerospace engineer Michael Chou, the Midnight Scoop's unique ergonomic shape helps alleviate stress on your wrists, thereby making it easier to get rock-hard ice cream out of the cotainer
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Ice cream could be the next 3D-printed food on the menu

What flavor ice cream would you like? And what shape? Three enterprising students from MIT have been working on a technique to create 3D-printed ice cream shapes in a modified freezer.

Ice cream truck to replace loud music with mobile text messages

Definitely an interesting way to notify residents of a truck's arrival, an ice cream company is choosing silent text messages over loud music after the local community filed a noise complaint.
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This ice cream shop knows what Facebook tastes like – no, it’s not tears and vodka

An ice cream shop in Croatia is selling Facebook flavored ice cream, which doesn't even make any sense, but whatever.