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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer usage to plummet below 50 percent by mid-2012

Windows Phone Mango features on full display in New York


Google launches ‘It Gets Better’ TV ad for Chrome browser

Net Applications browser share (April 2011)

Microsoft losing browser share as IE9 gains traction

Microsoft releases platform preview of Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8 leaked ‘Immersive’ mode shows Windows Phone influence


Microsoft claims IE9 is the most battery-friendly Web browser

Firefox 4 downloads top IE9 launch as Android and Maemo release candidates arrive

Microsoft touts 2.35 million IE9 downloads in first 24 hours

internet explorer 9 review now with more chrome ie thumb

Internet Explorer 9 review: Now with more Chrome


Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9

Safari and IE8 crumble at Pwn2Own 2011