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Under 13? You may soon find your Facebook or Instagram account suspended

Instagram and its parent company Facebook are beginning to crack down on underage users. Both Facebook and Instagram will be more proactive in locking the accounts of users who are suspected to be under the minimum age of 13.
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Instagram now shows when you’re online (don’t worry, it has an off button)

Instagram's newest feature may present a problem for those of us who are trying to fly under the radar. On Thursday, the photo sharing network debuted its latest update -- a way for folks to see when their Instagram friends are online.
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Don’t want your ex on your Instagram? You can now remove followers on Android

You've always been able to unfollow those pesky over-posters or ex-significant others on Instagram, but never before have you had the option to exercise such control over your own photo stream. Until now.

Instagram’s question stickers bring comment-like interaction to Stories

Instagram Stories lack some of the interaction options from the traditional feed but that is not stopping Instagram from coming up with new ways to interact. The sticker allows you to ask a question and get open-ended responses.

Have a question? Ask it on Instagram with open-ended questions in a Story

Polling public opinion is getting easier than ever on Instagram. The photo-sharing app is constantly introducing new features, and its latest is the ability to ask questions in Instagram Stories.
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Instagram will now tell you when ‘you’re all caught up’ with your feed

Instagram is testing a new feature that lets you know when you've scrolled through all of the content posted in your feed in the previous 48 hours - so you'll never again have to worry about missing anything.
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Instagram ‘music stickers’ could help to spice up your Stories

Instagram's Stories tool can now share the theme song to your day along with photos and video. The feature, called music stickers, enables people to search via genres, moods, and trending tracks, which they can add to their Story in a tap.

The Instagram Lite app is so small, your Android phone won’t notice it’s there

Instagram has launched a Lite version of its app inside the Google Play Store. The mini-sized app takes everything we love about Insta and then squeezes them down into a tiny app, so it's suitable for all different Android phones.
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Instagram now lets you video chat with up to three buddies

Instagram has just launched video chat with the option to chinwag with up to three friends. It's also revamped the Explore tab, retaining its style but adding topic channels along the top to help you surface content of interest.

Popular Instagrammer caught using photos from image libraries

Popular Instagrammer Daryl Aiden Yow impressed many people with fancy shots from a range of cool locations, and his work even caught the attention of brands. But it's been revealed that some photos were taken from stock sites.
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IGTV video app rolls out right as Instagram tops a billion monthly users

Now you can start losing your digital car keys as well, Instagram (and by extension, Facebook) takes aim at YouTube with the new IGTV app, and Apple wrestles with their complicated wireless charging technology.
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Instagram’s IGTV is a new Stories-like home for vertical long-form videos

After Facebook Watch, Instagram is launching its own video portal, but it looks nothing like the usual online video viewer. Instead, Instagram IGTV is mobile-first, which means vertical video and a Stories-like interface.
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Instagram's long-form video platform, IGTV, could launch today

Instagram allows video posts of up to 60 seconds, but the company is reportedly considering upping the limit to a whopping 60 minutes. Creators are said to be in talks with the platform about producing long-form video content.
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Creep in peace — Instagram will no longer tell people when you take screenshots

If you've been holding back on your social media stalking tendencies, then hold back no more. As originally reported by BuzzFeed, Instagram will no longer alert users when someone takes a screenshot of their Stories.

Shop Stories, not stores, with Instagram’s latest update

As the Stories format continues to grow, Instagram is allowing users to shop the items inside a Stories photo or video. Instagram recently launched stickers that let people shop inside a Story by tapping on the sticker.

The best camera apps for Android

The best camera is the one you have with you. And more often than not, the one you have with you is the one that's inside your smartphone. To help get the most from your smartphone, we’ve rounded up the best camera apps for Android…
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8 easy ways to archive all of your favorite Instagram videos

Saving Instagram videos should be just as easy as taking a screenshot. So, we've put together a list of the best apps and tools that save your favorite Instagram videos onto your phone or computer.
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Be the master of your own Insta-verse with multiple Instagram accounts

Whether you own a small business or have separate Instagram accounts for your five cats, we'll walk you through the process of switching between your multiple accounts on your Apple or Android devices.