Emerging Tech

Bored this winter? You can now build yourself a humanoid robot assistant

Ever wanted to build your very own humanoid robot? If so, and if you have access to a 3D printer and 300 hours of spare time, a new online tutorial will give you a crash course in robotics.
Emerging Tech

Awesome 3D-printed holographic display lets you play 'Snake' in 3 dimensions

Looking for some 1990s nostalgia while putting your do-it-yourself skills to the test? Try building a 3D POV holographic display -- and then using it to play the Nokia phone classic, Snake. Here's how.
Emerging Tech

Robotic pool shark wants to school you at billiards — and you can build one

Judith is a work-in-progress pool-playing robot being developed by a high school engineering teacher. Currently still a scale model, this could be the "killer app" of future game rooms.

Celebrate Your Love For Stranger Things this Halloween with this DIY light kit

Fans of the overnight Netflix hit thriller series will be pleased to find instructions on how to create their own LED light kit to communicate with the dead -- or any children who have been taken to the Upside Down.
Emerging Tech

Software engineer creates his own face-tracking desk fan, and says it’s a breeze

Software engineer Devin LaCrosse recently built a Raspberry Pi-powered desk fan, capable of tracking a person’s face as they move and blasting cool air in their direction. And you can build one, too.

Think the Raspberry Pi is underpowered? Here’s 10 projects that prove you wrong

The Raspberry Pi is an amazing device that can be used in ways you'd never guess. We've found ten of the best projects yet finished, and you may be surprised by how functional some are.
Emerging Tech

Incredible DIY synesthesia mask gives you the ability to smell colors — without taking drugs

Zachary Howard invented a synesthesia mask that lets you simulate what it's like to smell color, one of the many types of crossed senses that synesthetes experience. Thanks to Howard's step-by-step instructions, now you can make your own…
Emerging Tech

Build your own 3D printer for $50 and change

Instead of waiting for prices on 3D printers to drop, you can build your own for less than $100. The step-by-step build is detailed by Gigafide, an experienced maker known for his popular DIY YouTube channel Tinkernut.
Smart Home

Three brothers create a lawn mower you can control via Google

Taking home the grand prize at the StartFest Gigabit Hackathon were three brothers, who made a remotely controlled lawn mower. Typing commands into a chat room gives the lawn mower its directions and smartphone cameras show you where it's…

Arduino-powered plant can water itself, thank you very much

Make a trip to the nearest Radioshack and build yourself an automated self-watering plant so you no longer have to remember to do the task.
Emerging Tech

Man turns NES into an 8GB flash drive

Done playing Tetris on the NES? Well, why not turn that game into an 8GB flash drive complete with NES port? Sounds good to us!