Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft to start silent upgrades to Internet Explorer

Beginning next year, Microsoft plans to start automatically (and silently) updating Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 users to newer versions of Internet Explorer.

Windows Phone Mango features on full display in New York

We were on location in New York today for Microsoft's unveiling Windows Phone "Mango." We've got the complete list of features here, and how they'll impact Windows Phone users.

Firefox 4 tops 100 million downloads

Mozilla's Firefox 4 browser has garnered 100 million downloads in its first month, but doesn't seem to be attracting many new users.

Google Toolbar 7 further Chrome-ifies IE9

Google delivers many of Chrome's best features to Internet Explorer 9 with the release of Toolbar 7.

The World’s Biggest Pac-Man includes user-created levels, runs on HTML5

Developer Soap Interactive launches the HTML5-powered in-browser game, The World's Biggest Pac-Man, in conjunction with Microsoft and Namco Bandai.

Microsoft claims IE9 is the most battery-friendly Web browser

Microsoft's own study has revealed that its Internet Explorer 9 beats out the competition when it comes to energy consumption -- under certain conditions.

Firefox 4 downloads top IE9 launch as Android and Maemo release candidates arrive

Mozilla puts out a Firefox 4 Mobile release candidate as its newly released desktop browser is adopted by more people on launch day than Microsoft's IE9 has after one week.

Microsoft touts 2.35 million IE9 downloads in first 24 hours

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 web browser release gets 2.35 million downloads in its first 24 hours of availability.

Internet Explorer 9 review: Now with more Chrome

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 9, the most Chrome-like version of IE we can imagine. Luckily, Redmond also copied the best features of Chrome: its flexibility and speed.

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft's newest browser, Internet Explorer 9, has officially been released into the wild — and it has the potential to prey on even the fastest competitors in the browser pack.

Mozilla unveils Firefox 4 release candidate

Mozilla makes the Firefox 4 release candidate available for download on its website, the last stage before the official launch of the new web browser.

Microsoft confirms Internet Explorer 9 launch for March 14

Microsoft will launch Internet Explorer 9 on Monday, March 14 at 9 p.m. PST, kicking things off with a party at the annual South By Southwest festival.

Microsoft: Stop using Internet Explorer 6. Please.

If you're still using Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft has five words for you: it's time to say good-bye.

W3C to consider Microsoft’s “do not track” proposal for standard

The W3C has decided to consider Microsoft's "do not track" technology in Internet Explorer 9 as a possible Internet standard.

Internet Explorer 9 release candidate available

Microsoft has posted its first release candidate for Internet Explorer 9: can IE9 capture momentum back from the likes of Chrome and Firefox?

Internet Explorer 9 is the hands down winner in HTML5 compliance

It seems hard to believe, but of all the major browsers, Internet Explorer 9 came out as the clear winner on HTML5 compliance.

Google claims up to 60x speed boost for Chrome 7

Google developers claim they've already seen Chrome 7 outpace its predecessor by a factor of 60 in some instances, thanks in part to hardware acceleration.

Adobe previews Square, a 64-bit Flash plugin

Finally! Adobe offers 64-bit Flash as a beta plugin.