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Apple iPhone XS vs. iPhone XR: Take a bite of an older Apple

2018's iPhone XS and iPhone XR are still two of the most powerful phones around. But which is better?
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Here’s how to download iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Apple's iOS 13 is available now and if you want to try Apple's latest features you'll need to install it. Here's how to download iOS 13 and get it working on your device.
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How to create, customize, and use Memoji in Apple’s iOS 13

With iOS 13 come vast improvements in Apple's Memoji features. With new sticker packs, you can create an avatar likeness of yourself with 24 built-in variations that you can use with a variety of apps. We show you how it's done.

iPhone gamers, be on the alert: iOS 13 makes Fortnite, PUBG Mobile unplayable

iPhone gamers may want to delay upgrading to iOS 13, as it makes Fortnite and PUBG Mobile unplayable. The issue is caused by a new text-editing gesture.
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