Viral video: Amazing iPad 3 concept includes 3D holograms

With the announcement of the iPad 3 just a few days away, a 3D animation studio is taking advantage of the excitement over the new product launch with a futuristic, concept video of the popular tablet.

Report: iOS app downloads up 83 percent

Fiksu reports that in November 2011 iOS app downloads were up 83 percent from a year ago, fueled by the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.
apple app store apps

Security hole in iPhone 4S allows Siri to access password protected phones

The personal assistant built into every iPhone 4s might leave your locked phone vulnerable. Even with a password protected phone Siri is able to send emails and text messages by default.

Hands-on with iOS 5

hands on with ios 5

Infinity Blade 2 sequel for iOS 5 coming in December

The hit iOS game returns for iOS 5 with new graphics that set the bar for mobile games.
infinity blade 2 sequel for ios coming in december