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The S stands for Same: Why Apple’s iPhone 4S is a bore

Apple revealed its new iPhone 4S today and, as the name implies, it looks exactly like the iPhone 4. Is it wise of Apple to forego updating the look of its phone for another year?

Apple iOS 5: Everything you need to know

Sure, there was no iPhone 5 (or 4S...) announcement this morning, but Apple revealed the ins and outs of iOS 5. Or at least most of them: There are more than 200 new features on their way. Here we review some of the more notable upgrades to…

Infinity Blade 2 sequel for iOS 5 coming in December

The hit iOS game returns for iOS 5 with new graphics that set the bar for mobile games.

The iPhone 5’s Assistant application might steal its thunder

A built-in app called Assistant is rumored to debut technology that will impact the entire industry.

Facebook and Apple to reveal deep integration tomorrow?

Adding more fuel to the iPhone rumor fire, a vast partnership between unlikely allies Facebook and Apple may be announced at tomorrow's event.

Apple’s October 4 iPhone 5 event: What to expect [update]

After 16 months, the wait for Apple's next generation is nearly over. But what Apple plans to announce remains unknown. Fortunately, we have some pretty good guesses. Here are our six predictions for what to expect on Tuesday, October 4.
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Facebook’s ‘Project Spartan’ leaked (again), next week release expected

Facebook's clandestine HTML 5-based web app portal, so-called "Project Spartan," has made another early appearance just days before its expected official release next week.

iPhone 5 rumors supported by Apple’s blocking of employee vacations for early October

Further evidence emerges suggesting that Apple's next iPhone release is weeks away, with reports emerging that the company is refusing employee vacation requests during two stretches of days inapl mid-October.

Apple said to release final iOS 5 build week of Sept. 23; iPhone 5 due first half of Oct.

Multiple sources are reporting that the "Golden Master" version of iOS 5 will be released during the week of September 23, which corroborates rumors that the iPhone 5 will land sometime in the first two weeks of October.

Did Apple leak what the next iPhone will look like?

An icon in the beta software for Apple's Photo Stream might give us a clue as to what the next iPhone will look like.

The iPhone 5 might be thinner than the iPhone 4, and have its volume buttons moved

Some possibly leaked iPhone 5 parts could point to a thinner iPhone, with 8-megapixel camera, and switched volume buttons.

Apple releases ‘iTunes Match’ beta cloud music service with streaming feature

Apple has released the beta version of its iTunes Match cloud music service to developers, and it includes one excellent feature nobody knew it would have: streaming.