iOS 5

Apple to devs: stop tracking iOS users by device numbers

In a nod to privacy, Apple has told iOS app developers to stop tracking users by device IDS...which could spell trouble for ad networks.

Rumor: WP7 Mango to come out on Sept 1, will compete with iPhone and Android launch

It is rumored that the Mango update to WP7 will be be released on September 1, this release date should put it in direct competition with product launches from both Apple and Google.
Social Media

Old Twitter is dead, long live new Twitter

The new, updated version of Twitter is now being used by all users, whether they want to or not.
Social Media

Study shows face recognition technology can reveal much more than your image

Researchers could identify people based on nothing more than a photo, as well as predict part of their Social Security numbers.

Apple to bring face recognition to iOS 5

Apple's acquisition of Polar Rose has resulted in built-in face detection for iOS 5.

Rumor: Fully integrated voice control coming to iPhone 5

An iOS 5 feature called Assistant is reportedly hitting with the launch of the iPhone 5.

Apple releases iOS 5 beta 2, wireless sync enabled

Developers can now get their hands on the newest beta release of Apple's forthcoming mobile operating system, iOS 5.

iPhone 5 details emerge and iPad 3 to get a better screen

A flurry of new information has leaked on the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 including processing power, camera info, and a possible bump in resolution for Apple's tablet.

Facebook and Apple go head-to-head over social-mobile tech?

A new patent from Apple revealing geo-social networking software and a few leaked Facebook mobile projects suggest the two industry titans may be edging in on one another's territory.

Where did Color go wrong?

Was it too much too soon or just a flawed concept? Maybe it was just ahead of its time. Whatever the cause, photo-sharing app Color loses a co-founder and continues to flounder.

Apple brings us closer to quality camera photos with iOS 5

If you've been won over by the convenience of the iPhone camera but still haven't been convinced about the quality, these iOS 5 features might persuade you.

Twitter who? iOS 5 connects with multiple social platforms, including Facebook

Apple made much ado about its Twitter-iOS 5 integration, but turns out its got a few other big name social networks buried in there.