‘Namoo — Wonders of Plant Life’ uses immersive graphics to teach you about nature

Namoo -- Wonders of Plant Life is an educational app that gives users an in-depth overview of how different plants function. Using vibrant illustrations, 3D simulations, more, the app takes you through nine different chapters about nature.

Save up to $720 with the best smartphone deals for April 2018

This is the perfect time to score a new smartphone and save some cash. We've rounded up the best smartphone deals available right now -- carrier devices as well as unlocked phones -- that can save you as much as $720.

Tim Cook doesn’t believe customers want MacOS and iOS combined

In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he doesn't believe customers want MacOS and iOS to merge. Doing so would water down both for the convenience of one operating system. A merge would mean trade-offs and compromises.

These 100 best iPhone apps will turn your phone into a jack-of-all-trades

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world, and we want to bring out the best in yours. Behold our comprehensive list of the best iPhone apps, from time-saving productivity tools to fun apps you won’t be able to put down.

Putting Kim’s face on your phone case might make you a true Kardashian

LuMee launched its Kimoji X LuMee phone case collection in collaboration with Kim Kardashian West. Available for iPhone 6 and later, each phone case features a variety of different emojis you would find in the Kimoji sticker packs. 

‘Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls’ brings the series to iOS in Japan

Konami has announced the 2D action-platformer Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls for iOS. The game has only been revealed for Japan, and users can sign up for a closed beta test until the end of April.

Is your smartphone frozen? Here's how to reset your iPhone

You can do a lot with an iPhone, but if you ever run into an issue with it, the first thing you should do is restart it. In this guide, we tell you how to reset your iPhone, and explain how it differs from a factory reset.

Juice up your iPhone or Android phone with the best wireless chargers

We check out the best wireless phone chargers, to make tangles and uncooperative ports a thing of the past. Whether you have an iPhone X or a Galaxy S9, find out which wireless charging pads are worth buying, and how their features compare.

The Fitbit Versa is officially available for purchase worldwide

After weeks of speculation, Fitbit officially unveiled the Versa, a fully featured smartwatch masquerading as a fitness tracker. Packed with new features, it's Fitbit's answer to the Apple Watch.

A brilliant, devious way to stop telemarketing calls once and for all

Tired of the constant calling from telemarketers? Has asking them politely to stop not worked out? You may need to block them, or resort to more devious methods. Regardless of which way you'd like to pursue it, here's how.

82 percent of U.S. teens use an iPhone — and that number is only growing

A massive 82 percent of teens in the U.S. currently use an iPhone and according to a recent report, that number is likely to continue to grow. In fact, the number sat at around 78 percent last fall.

Buy a shirt, get a share. Bumped turns your purchases into investments

The stock market can be complex, but what if becoming a shareholder meant nothing more than shopping? With a new mobile app called Bumped, you can start earning shares of stock simply by purchasing items you already love.