ipad 3

The iPad 3 goes from ‘revolutionary’ to obsolete at breakneck speed

Apple officially confirmed that the third-generation iPad is now a vintage and obsolete product. The iPad 3 should continue to have limited hardware support in California for at least the next two years.

Best Buy is selling the iPad 3 for $314 – Is it making room for a new model?

Electronics retailer Best Buy announced that it is now offering 30 percent on all models of its third generation iPad inventory. The sale could be an indication that the company is making room for a new generation of the tablet.

Whitney Houston, “Gangnam Style” top Google Zeitgeist 2012

From Whitney Houston's shocking death, to the Stop Online Piracy Act, to PSY's meteoric rise with "Gangnam Style," this is 2012, according to our Google searches.

iPad 3 vs iPad 4: Spec Showdown

Making a far quieter entrance into the market than its Mini counterpart, the iPad 4 has arrived. It's the fourth refresh the iPad has had in two years. Check out its specs alongside its predecessor and see if the iPad 4 is worth it for you.

iPad 4th Gen. announced with double the power, same $500 price

In addition to launching the iPad Mini, Apple has also refreshed its full-size iPad range, bringing it in-line with the new tablet, the iPhone 5 and new iPods.

Apple’s new iPad makes quiet, riot-free debut in China

What a refreshing change – Apple launches a new product in China and there are no riots outside its stores on the first day of sales. The new iPad went on sale on Friday, delayed by a trademark dispute over the iPad name. The tablet…

Photos: New iPad sleeve from Grove wraps it up in wool felt and bamboo

If you need a new sleeve to go with your new iPad, look no further. The Grove Wool Felt sleeve keeps it sleek and safe in typical understated style.

Apple to open stores early Friday for iPad launch as Sharp delays iPad panel delivery

Apple said it will be opening its stores a couple of hours earlier than usual on Friday for the launch of the new iPad. Meanwhile Sharp has had to delay deliveries of its panels for the iPad after failing to meet Apple's strict…

Grove announces a handmade bamboo case for the new iPad

Since many new iPad owners will be looking into a solid protective case to protect the high-resolution retina display of the new tablet, Grove is launching a new bamboo case to keep the iPad safe.

iPad rumor report card: Who got it right, who got it wrong

The truth about the new iPad is out. So let's take a look back at all the things the Apple rumor mill got right — and wrong — this time around.

Apple, you win: I want an iPad

With the new iPad, Apple may have finally won me over. For the first time, the iPad looks like a complete, fully realized product. The question is, why doesn't it have any viable competition?

Here’s where you should sell your iPad 2

Time to scour your iPad trade-in options. Here are the best sites to help you sell your now-outdated iPad 2.

The new iPad 3: Everything you should know

Our complete rundown of the newly announced new iPad from Apple (iPad 3). The Retina display, quad-core graphics processor, iSight, iPhoto and more detailed.

New iPad apps and updates: iPhoto, iWork, iMovie, GarageBand

In addition to the new iPad and new Apple TV, Apple has released iPhoto for iOS, and updates to iMovie, iWork, and GarageBand apps.

iPad 3 last minute rumor roundup: iPad HD, release date, 4G LTE

Apple will officially announce its newest tablet in less than 24 hours. Here, a quick roundup of the latest rumors surrounding the iPad 3. (Or is it iPad HD?)

iPad 3: Everything we (might) know

Update: Check out our full review of the new iPad. The iPad 3 is set to arrive on Wednesday, March 7. Here's everything we expect to see from Apple's newest tablet.

Viral video: Amazing iPad 3 concept includes 3D holograms

With the announcement of the iPad 3 just a few days away, a 3D animation studio is taking advantage of the excitement over the new product launch with a futuristic, concept video of the popular tablet.

iPad trade-in rush as launch of latest version approaches

It appears resellers have seen nothing quite like it — many are reportedly busy dealing with inquiries from iPad owners keen to sell their tablet in readiness for the imminent launch of the iPad 3.