iPhone App

Miss paying for film? This new iOS app has you covered with digital rolls

Paying for every photo makes you pause before hitting that button -- or that is the idea behind a new iOS photo app anyways. Fotr sells rolls of digital film effects, then prints every shot, whether it is a good photo or not.

The new app from the director of HBO’s The Jinx lets you shoot your own iPhone documentaries

KnowMe is the new filmmaking app from Andrew Jarecki, the Emmy Award-winning director behind HBO's The Jinx. Backed by J.J. Abrams, the app lets you shoot, edit, and narrate new videos alongside existing content from your iPhone media…
Smart Home

Brewbot, the automated homebrew machine, will soon be out in the wild

Brewbot is two things: 1.) A stainless steel beer-brewing automaton, and 2.) an app that tells you exactly what to feed that thing and when. The minifridge-sized appliance is a self-contained system that allows even the most careless newbie…

This homework app will connect you with a tutor on the spot because math is hard

Homework problem have you stumped? The new iPhone app Snapsolve give kids who are struggling with their homework the ability to connect with tutors and get help just by taking a picture of the problem.

The Digital Trends iPhone App just got a heckuva lot better

I'm pleased as punch to introduce a massive update to the Digital Trends iPhone App. The new version brings our app into the 21st century, with updated sections, new graphics and logos, dramatically speedier response times, and an end to…

MailTracker adds confirmation receipts to iPhone’s Mail app

Wondering if that important email you sent has been viewed yet? MailTracker will let you know by linking up with your Apple Mail account and providing updates on interaction with your sent messages.

Breather to offer private, quiet spaces for rent in New York City, San Francisco next

Can't get any peace or quiet in your day? Breather has some rooms reserved just for you. It's offering quiet work spaces for rent in New York City, for $25 an hour. Rooms can be reserved via an iOS app or the Web.

Bad with names? Humin remembers the contact details you don’t

Can't match faces with names? Humin understands that we all remember things differently and help you find your connections by contextualizing your iPhone contacts, making it possible to search by details rather than name.

Give Saga the keys to your life, and it will help you drive

We interview Andy Hickl, the CEO of ARO and creator of Saga, an app that hopes to get you lifelogging, and usher in a new age of notifications. But is Saga ready for prime time?

Heads up! HUDWAY turns your windshield into a jet fighter cockpit for $Free.99!

The HUDWAY head-up display app for iPhone displays turn-by-turn directions and an outline of the road ahead on your windshield. That is, provided your dashboard is sticky enough to keep your phone in place. If it is, I don’t want to know…

Review: If you want an app to control your other apps, then try IFTTT

If you feel like you need to get a little more out of your apps, check out IFTTT. It lets you get more functionality out of apps by allowing them to work together without any sort of programming knowledge needed from you.

LikeMind App Review: This social network may help you form a cult

LikeMind is a new location-based social network for iOS devices that is one part Facebook, one part Craigslist, and all about getting to know new people with similar ideas and interests as you.

Worst App of the Week: ‘Passion’ silently judges you while you have sex

Been looking for some validation in your love life? Let Passion, an iOS app that claims to be able to rate your sexual performance, be the judge of just how good you are in bed. Or don't, because this app is terrible.

Worst app of the week: ‘Pocket Heat’ kills your iPhone, not frostbite

When Pocket Heat worked, it nearly set your phone ablaze and drowned its battery. Now it doesn't work and still costs $1. We can't decide if it's worth more now that it doesn't work or not. Either way, it's a pretty awful app.

Cool Apps: ‘Showboatr’ is perfect for insanely competitive people

Have some hidden talents that you want the world to see? Showboatr will help you show off all of your most impressive skills - or let you make a fool of yourself. Either way, it's almost guaranteed to be entertaining.

Hands on: Apple’s Podcasts app is finally usable!

Apple finally decided to give it's Podcasts app a much needed overhaul. It's finally functional, free of usability-crippling bugs, and it got a nice visual update. But with all the great podcast apps available now, is it too little too…

Hands on: Siri sibling Tempo takes smart calendar to a whole new level

Need a little help getting your line together? Tempo Smart Calendar may be your solution. From the makers of Siri, this app is an ultimate organization tool. It pulls information from every account you own and uses its artificial…

Worst app of the week: ‘Pet Baby’ for iPhone puts your dog’s face on a baby

We usually strive to point you in the direction of apps that you'll enjoy. In our search, we pass up a lot of apps that may deserve our attention. Pet Baby is not one of those apps. We are here save you from the mistake of downloading Pet…