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uber lost 1 billion first earnings report

Uber lost $1 billion in just three months — and Wall Street is thrilled

Uber has released its first earnings report as a public company. It details how the company lost $1 billion in just three months, its plans for Uber Eats and the autonomous division, and ridership numbers. After-hours trading was positive as that massive loss was exactly what the company had predicted.
uber now offers a 15 monthly plan for access to cheaper fares

Toyota leads $1 billion investment in Uber’s self-driving tech division

Lyft Aptiv ride experience

Lyft trails Uber in popularity, but it just beat its rival to Wall Street

Spotify CEO launches IPO in front of logo.

Is Spotify too big to fail? It just went public, so we’ll find out soon

angry birds

What’s next for ‘Angry Birds’ maker Rovio? Potentially an IPO

stripe ipo not soon 1401537 629386857111462 86167415 o

Stripe isn't going to go public in the near future, according to CEO Patrick Collison


Snap’s historic stock market debut turned its founders into multibillionaires


Snap public IPO finally gives insight into Snapchat’s financials and user numbers


It’s finally happening — Snap Inc. expected to file for IPO next week

line ipo largest tech 2016 screen shot 07 11 at 9 24 35 am

At $1.3 billion, Line's upcoming IPO looks like the biggest tech debut of 2016

Tinder CEO Sean Rad gives disastrous interview that could jeopardize IPO


Snapchat boss says app has nearly 100m users, considering IPO

godaddy files 100m ipo

Web services giant GoDaddy files for $100m IPO

spotify taylor swift ceo billion subscribers pandora

Move aside, Pandora: Spotify might be planning an IPO for this fall

According to a new report, Spotify will become a public company later this fall, with sources optimistic it will perform well in Wall Street.
online storage startup box files ipo plans

Online storage startup Box files IPO plans, hopes to raise $250m

China’s answer to Twitter planning a U.S. IPO of its own

roku ipo 2014 3

Roku said to be considering an IPO in 2014

The manufacturer of the successful digital media player is contemplating an IPO in the U.S. sometime this year, according to sources close to the matter.
GoPro HERO3 Black Edition Camera front right

Already an action cam juggernaut, GoPro plans to go public and grow even bigger

GoPro announced that it has filed the paperwork for its initial public offering, paving the way for the company to public.
youre wondering much twitter owes post ipo money 360

So, you’re wondering how much Twitter owes you post-IPO?

Twitter is now officially crazy rich, and this app can tell you how much the site has made off your tweets.
definitive twitter ipo day drinking game everyone doesnt care beer

Sick of the Twitter IPO buzz? Ease the pain with our definitive drinking game

Heard enough about the Twitter IPO? Well nothing can stop the onslaught of the media hanging out to this story, but at least there's a drinking game.
everything need know twitters first earnings call feb 2014 twitter ipo

Twitter to go public today, sets share price at $26

everything need know twitters first earnings call feb 2014 twitter ipo

7 questions about the Twitter IPO you’re too embarrassed to ask

Want to participate in a conversation about the Twitter IPO but don't know how? You're welcome here, friend.

The Twitter IPO is on, and here’s what we know so far

Twitter is going public - it's official.

Facebook looking at spring 2012 IPO

Zynga facing possible mass staff exodus following IPO

Groupon shares drop below $20 IPO price for first time

Groupon sues two former employees who left for Google Offers

Groupon scales back IPO, now looking to raise $540 million


Groupon IPO may not be so rosy, after all

Zynga profits drop 90-percent, further threatening its IPO status

Chinese online retailer looking at record-breaking IPO

Groupon IPO back on, set for coming months


Report: Zynga may delay IPO

Groupon makes some noise during its quiet period