How skillful translations helped these Japanese video games gain global appeal

Thanks to their translators, some Japanese games are seeing greater success abroad than at home, teaching players about Japan and its culture in the process.
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Forget fireworks. Japan will soon have artificial meteor showers on tap

Tokyo-based startup Astro Live Experiences is preparing to launch its first artificial meteor shower over Japan, serving as a showcase of its prowess in the space entertainment sector.
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A Japanese hotel fires half its robot staff for being bad at their jobs

Japan’s oddball Henn na Hotel has fired half of its 243 robot staff. The reason? Because these labor-saving machines turned out to be causing way more problems than they were solving.
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Japan’s new ‘vomit vacuum’ hard at work during end-of-year party season

Japan's new 'vomit vacuum' has been put to work at train stations during the nation's end-of-year party season. The high-tech machine replaces the traditional sawdust-and-broom method, and is far more hygienic, too.

iPhone X to make a comeback, but only in international markets

Apple is manufacturing the older iPhone X for the international market. The cheaper iPhone X will likely be offered in India and China, where the high price of the iPhone XS has been a tough sell to customers.

Man in Japan drives sports car ‘faster than a bullet train’ in YouTube stunt

A motorist in Japan is in serious trouble with the law after he drove his Nissan GT-R sports car at a speed that would've seen it overtake some of the nation's famously fast bullet trains.
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Japan’s next-generation Shinkansen is its coolest bullet train yet

Japan has unveiled the design of its next-generation bullet train that will whisk passengers along the network at speeds of up to 224 mph, making it the fastest train service in the world when it goes into service.
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Say what!? A wind turbine in Japan got blown over by — the wind

A huge wind turbine was blown over in windy conditions on Friday, August 24. The rare event occurred during a typhoon in Japan when strong gusts tore the 60-meter-tall turbine from its base. No one was hurt in the incident.

Apple Store Kyoto: Step inside the new retail space in Japan’s ancient capital

Yes there was hootin', yes there was hollerin', and yes there was high-fiving'. Apple opened its first store in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto on Saturday, August 25, and Digital Trends was there to cover it.
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Remember the Y2K scare? Japan is facing a similar date-related tech crisis

Remember the Y2K bug which scared us all witless in the buildup to the year 2000? Jump forward 18 years, and Japan faces a similar computer flaw which threatens to hit in April 2019.
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A Japanese startup is planning an artificial shooting star show by 2020

Who says you have to wait around for a meteor shower? Not ALE Co., a Tokyo-based startup that wants you to wish upon a shooting star anytime you'd like. The company is creating a system that provides "shooting stars on demand."
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This crash-tastic video shows why rocket launches aren’t easy

Japanese rocket firm Interstellar Technologies has been inspired by the likes of SpaceX and Blue Origin, but its efforts have so far proved disappointing. A new video highlights the challenges in spectacular fashion.
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Japan aims to power Tokyo Olympics with 100 percent renewable energy

Japan is aiming to make the Tokyo Olympics the greenest ever, with plans to power the sporting extravaganza with 100 percent renewable energy. Part of the strategy includes ramping up wind and solar projects before 2020.
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Airbnb forced to cancel Japan bookings as new law approaches

A new law about to come into effect in Japan has forced Airbnb to cancel a number of bookings, causing serious disruption for many travelers. The company is offering financial assistance for those affected.
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Finally, an ‘umbrella drone’ that hovers above your head

Is it a drone? Is it an umbrella? It's both actually, and it hovers right above you in extreme weather conditions. If you can ignore the noise and have $275 to spare, this unique contraption could be yours next year.

Uber gears up for its latest scheme in the tricky Japanese market

Strict regulations make it tough for Uber to launch its regular ridesharing service in Japan. But taking a different approach, it plans to link its app with 20 local cab firms to offer a taxi-hailing service as part of a trial.

Camera lost at sea for two years reunited with its owner after Facebook post

Photos recovered from a camera lost at sea two years ago helped a group of Taiwanese students to find its Japanese owner. The Canon camera drifted 150 miles from Okinawa to Taiwan before being discovered on a beach.

Japan to crack down on cryptocurrency exchanges after high-profile hacks

Japan's financial regulatory agencies are gearing up to slap punishments on cryptocurrency exchanges whose lax security measures may have cost investors hundreds of millions of dollars.