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YouTube punishes Logan Paul for Japan ‘suicide forest’ video

YouTube has punished Logan Paul for his controversial video showing an apparent suicide victim. The Google-owned company said it's removing his videos from a major ad revenue program and canceling his appearance in a web series.
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A hospital in Japan is getting some help from a fleet of robots

Robots, who have made themselves useful in restaurants, in supermarkets, and in our homes, are now going into our hospitals as well. In Japan, these bots will begin operations in February.
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Pepper is everywhere in Japan, and nobody cares. Should we feel bad for robots?

Pepper the robot is a surprisingly common sight in Japan, but not everyone takes the time to stop and see what it offers. It’s time for that to change, as robots and artificial intelligence start to converge.
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Japan's king of cute wants to develop a lovable A.I. you can't live without

In 2011, messaging app Line capitalized on the increasing popularity of smartphones to become a massive hit. Now, it wants to do the same with artificial intelligence, and it’s going about it in a unique way.

Nissan follows GM with plan to test robo-taxis in early 2018

Driverless taxi services have emerged as the main focus of companies developing self-driving cars, and Nissan is the latest to express a serious interest, this week unveiling its autonomous Easy Ride taxi brand.

We geeked out in Akihabara to see if it’s still a tech fan’s dream

Has Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan been completely overtaken by all things manga and anime, or is it still a tech-fan’s dream? We visited to find out -- and discovered it’s a vibrant, exciting mix of both.
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Adorable robot puppy faints if your feet are really smelly

Not sure if your feet smell? Too embarrassed to ask a friend? Then this robot puppy will tell you in no uncertain terms, fainting in shock if they happen to really reek.

Japan focusing on a curious demographic with driverless cars — senior citizens

Japan has begun experiments involving self-driving buses in rural communities to help its aging populace stay mobile and connected. The first of these autonomous buses is being rolled out in Nishikata.

Watch the 'Uneekbot' shoe-making robot stitch sandals on demand

Keen's unusual Uneek shoe garnered a loyal following in Japan and to celebrate its success there, the footwear company brought its Uneekbot to Tokyo to put it through its paces and build custom footwear for customers.
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Pepper the robot to work as a Buddhist priest for cut-price funerals

Pepper has taken on a few jobs in its short life, greeting customers at places like stores, airports, and train stations. But working as a priest at funerals is surely its most unusual role yet.
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Before robot soccer players can beat humans, they’ll need to stop toppling over

Judging by some of the footage coming out of the most recent RoboCup contest, the organizer's ambition to build a team of robot players good enough to beat professional human ones by 2050 seems somewhat hopeful.
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Japan's RoboCup 2017 sees soccer robots compete to beat humans in 2050

Every year for the past two decades, teams have met in a friendly tournament called RoboCup, which seems them compete in soccer matches and more practical challenges like industrial production and rescue missions.