JPEG vs. PNG: When and why to use one format over the other

JPEG vs. PNG: Which one is better for your needs? While there’s a lot of math going on behind the scenes, it boils down to a few key differences that make each format better in specific situations.

JPEG XS will be a faster format for 8K streaming, better VR, and safer drones

The organization behind the JPEG is aiming to create faster streaming without sacrificing quality. JPEG XS is a new file format that offers faster -- but not more -- compression for better live-streams.

Here’s what HEIF and HEVC are, and why they’ll improve your iPhone with iOS 11

In iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra, Apple is adopting two new photo and video file formats, HEIF and HEVC. Both maintain high resolutions, at manageable file sizes. Here's a look at the benefits and limitations.

Google wants to make JPEGs smaller so sites can load faster, use less bandwidth

Google has detailed its new open-source JPEG encoding technique, Guetzil, which could be used to help web pages load quicker by reducing the file sizes of images by up to 35 percent.

Google code hints of RAW+JPEG photo capture support in Android camera app

A few lines of code in Google Camera's APK shows Nexus devices might soon have the ability to capture RAW+JPEG photos, inside Android's stock photo app. The feature will let users shoot uncompressed photos for editing and JPEGs for sharing.

Tired of JPEG compression artifacts? BPG is the solution

JPEG is now over twenty years old and the versatile image format is showing its age. A French programmer as proposed an alternative that offers better quality at any given file size, but don't expect to see it adopted overnight.

Google announces new photo format: WebP

Google is pushing for the future of photo formatting to be done in WebP, leaving JPEG in the dust.

Microsoft’s HD Photo Proposed for JPEG XR

Microsoft's HD Photo image format has been proposed as the basis for JPEG XR, an international open image standard designed for the next generation of digital cameras.

Microsoft Sued Over JPEG Patent

PCWorld is reporting that Forgent Networks which owns the JPEG patent, has added Microsoft to the list of companies they plan to sue.

Canon EOS 300D (Rebel) Review

Enscape reviews the new Canon EOS Rebel 300D digital camera. Read on to see what they think about it.

New MediaQ chip sets higher standard

MediaQ has announced the MQ2100 Multimedia Controller, which lets mobile handset manufacturers rapidly integrate embedded cameras and color graphics into existing and new phones.