Emerging Tech

Could this easy-to-learn tactile typeface replace braille?

While braille can take many months to learn, a new tactile font called ELIA Frames font can be learned by people with visual impairments in just a few dozen hours. Here is how it works.
Emerging Tech

Use this Rubik’s Cube-style device to create ultra-secure computer passwords

Even with all the high-profile hacks in the news, lots of people fail to keep themselves protected by not using secure passwords. Fortunately, a new Kickstarter campaign is here to help.
Emerging Tech

Neova MIDI ring lets musicians control their musical creations through gestures

Like a whammy bar for a guitar, Neova is a brand new MIDI controller ring which musicians can wear on their right hand index finger to trigger different effects while they’re playing.
Emerging Tech

Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: Haptic bass straps, musical rings, and more

Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!
Emerging Tech

You can help a cyborg drummer get a new, improved robot arm so he can tour

Thanks to researchers at Georgia Tech, amputee Jason Barnes received a robot arm that lets him play the drums again. Now he's hoping to get a new, improved prosthesis to go on tour with.
Emerging Tech

Don’t get burned! How to back crowdfunding projects the smart way

In the world of crowdfunding, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. There's a million reasons why a project might fail. But with this handy guide, you'll be able to spot the signs of a sketchy project and decrease your chances of getting…

Aura fitness band rewards hard work with virtual coins to buy new sneakers

The Aura Band is a new fitness wearable available to back on Kickstarter. It has a bioimpedance sensor to truly monitor your fitness gains (or losses) and an unusual reward system that gives virtual coins you can spend on cool new sneakers.
Smart Home

This innovative chunky padlock promises to be virtually unpickable

With a chunky design and innovative lock mechanism, this Bowley padlock -- newly arrived on Kickstarter -- promises to be virtually unpickable. Here is what makes it so special.

Blea Shark e-surfboards let you surf on flat water at 30 miles per hour

Have you ever dreamed of getting into surfing, but wanted to flatten out the learning curve a little before you set foot in the ocean? These new Blea Shark e-surfboards promise to help.
Emerging Tech

Forget weather stations; this gadget lets you monitor the entire planet

Newly landed on Kickstarter, Raspberry Boom is a citizen science project which provides you with a finely tuned Raspberry Pi atmospheric monitor for your home. Here's why it's so exciting.
Emerging Tech

Like a shark with a saddle, Halo Board is sleek, smooth, and insanely fun to ride

Of all the electric longboards we’ve ridden over the years, the Halo Board Carbon Edition stole our heart with its smooth ride, sleek construction, solid brakes, and easy-to-transport design.

The Illuminati beams light data from multiple points to the photographer

Illuminati is bringing the light meter into the 21st century with Bluetooth alerts, multi-point measurements and a number of lighting tools. The little light meter just launched outside Kickstarter for the first time.