Mayday! Amazon pulls the plug on Kindle Fire’s popular support feature

Amazon's Mayday on-screen customer support feature proved to be hugely popular for Kindle Fire tablet users, but now the company has announced that the service will be discontinued this month.
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Kindle Fire acting funky? Check out our guide to resetting a Kindle Fire

Need to know how to reset a Kindle Fire? It's not as straightforward as it sounds. Lucky for you, our detailed guide will show you what you need to do in order to save your content and properly wipe your device.
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Everything we know about the Kindle Fire HDX [Updated]

It's almost certain Amazon is hard at work on a set of 2013 Kindle Fire tablets to replace the models launched this time last year, so to make sure you're fully up to date on the latest developments, here's a roundup of all the top rumors.

Best Kindle Fire apps


Best Kindle Fire Games

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Amazon about face: Will allow Kindle Fire ad opt-out for $15

When Amazon said its new Kindle Fire tablets would come ad-supported with no chance to opt-out, potential buyers kicked up a stink. As a result, the Seattle-based company has performed an about face, announcing on Saturday evening that it will now offer buyers the chance to rid their device of ads for a $15 fee.