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leap motion augmented reality hmd prototype revealed ar headset

Leap Motion’s AR table tennis is a long way from your parents’ Pong

A demonstration of Leap Motion's new Project Northstar table tennis AR experience shows not only that mixed reality offers some great gaming experiences, but that it could be useful for teaching and improving real-world skills at the same time by testing human players against increasingly advanced A.I. opponents.
leap motion ar menu prototype arinterface01

Leap Motion is pioneering how users interface with menus in mixed reality

facebook 7 dtd04102018

Facebook’s Zuckerberg is on DC’s hot seat; is it time for data and privacy laws?

leap motion augmented reality hmd prototype revealed ar headset

Leap Motion’s prototype augmented reality headset includes hand tracking

bixi 2 gesture controller bluemint labs 5669ddd26db1b859159136b38c44a7a6 v1

Bxi 2.0 controller senses motion, displays notifications, responds to voice commands

leap motion mobile platform

Forget controllers, use your hands: Leap Motion’s tracking tech hits mobile VR

leap motion interaction engine orion blocks demo

Leap Motion's Interaction Engine aims to simplify VR development in Unity

leap motion controller for rift and vive handtracking

Slap Leap Motion’s mounting kit on your Rift or Vive for hand-free VR

leap motion osvr offical announcement osvrleap2

OSVR gains Leap Motion support for new headsets, owners can upgrade

hps leap motion gesture contol keyboard to go on sale as standalone product

HP’s Leap Motion gesture-contol keyboard to go on sale as standalone product for $99


Leap Motion’s 3D gesture controls coming to smartphones and tablets in 2014

HP Envy 17 Leap Motion LE

No touching! We go hands-off with the HP Envy 17 Leap Motion Special Edition

hp debuts first leap motion gesture control laptop

HP debuts first laptop with Leap Motion gesture controls

Offering up a gesture control experience somewhat similar to the Microsoft Kinect, the Leap Motion sensor has been embedded within a HP ENVY 17 laptop.

Leap Motion opens app store to developers in advance of July 22 launch

Today, the Leap Motion device is entering its next phase of beta testing by giving developers access to its Airspace Home launcher and the Airspace Store.

Leap Motion previews its gesture control capabilities with Windows 8

We're learning more about the capabilities of the Leap Motion controller today thanks to a new video showcasing how it controls the Windows environment.
thalmic labs myo gesture control interview header

Thalmic Labs’ founder on ditching touch screens, nixing mice, and why gesture control is the future

Aaron Grant, co-founder of Thalmic Labs, shares his vision for the future of gesture control in computing and talks up the prototype MYO armband.

Leap Motion Controller delayed until July for additional testing

Leap Motion originally stated that pre-orders would begin shipping on May 13, but now CEO Michael Buckwald says the Leap will be delayed until July 22.

Leap Motion controller brings Google Earth to your fingertips

To coincide with Earth Day, Google is adding Leap Motion support to Google Earth 7.1, which means you'll be able to explorer the planet with your fingers.

Leap Motion chooses HP to embed and bundle 3D motion-control into new devices

Leap Motion's teaming up with HP to embed its 3D motion-control technology into devices. HP will also bundle the Leap Motion Controller with PCs by summer.
leap demo sxsw

Welcome to the real world: Hardware takes over SXSW

The hardware evolution cannot be stopped, and even an app-loving festival like SXSW is getting a taste of this digital evolution.
5 startups set to become household names in 2013 leap sq

Good news for hands-free hype, Leap Motion gesture-controlled device shipping May 13

Gesture control device the Leap Motion Controller is set to hit homes and shelves in less than three months, complete with an official app store.
the best devices that will kill mouse dead computer mousetrap

Mousetrap: Four next-gen controllers that will kill the mouse as we know it

Leap Motion picks Best Buy as exclusive retailer for launch of gesture control device

President and COO of Leap Motion tell us about the company's decision to partner with Best Buy, and how the development of the Leap's app store is shaping up.
the leap

Hands-free PC control device The Leap partnering with Asus

The Leap will now come bundled with some select Asus computers, and that's only the start of the company's coming OEM announcements.