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New Fluent Forever language-learning app breaks Kickstarter records

New Fluent Forever app promises to teach you to speak other languages by changing the way you think about learning them. It's already become the most-funded app in Kickstarter history.

Get your child ready for school with these 5 best educational toy deals

If you're ready to get your child back into learning mode, read on to discover the best educational toy deals for kids that are both helpful for developing brains and, most importantly, fun.
Emerging Tech

New study confirms we can indeed learn in our sleep — but there’s a catch

The dream of any lazy kid (or adult) is to be able to learn while we sleep. The good news? According to a new study, it's very possible. The bad news? It’s not quite as simple as that.

Google Classroom expansion makes it easier than ever to teach and learn

Google Classroom used to be pretty restricted in terms of who could use it, but recent changes — the latest announced on Thursday — have opened the management system up to anyone who wants to teach or learn.
Emerging Tech

AI educational software knows when students are bored, can adjust lessons accordingly

Little Dragon is an educational startup that's developing learning apps which sniff out the emotional reactions of users and use this to change the way they teach you. You'll never be bored again -- hopefully!
Emerging Tech

Toddler robots help reveal how human kids learn about their world

Researchers in the United Kingdom are exploring toddler robots to help reveal how human kids absorb and make sense of new information. It turns out we might learn a whole lot like robots do!

DeepMind has an AI bot that maneuvers through mazes and grabs objects on its own

DeepMind improved its previous A3C AI agent/bot by adding two new tasks that enable faster learning. Called Unreal, it learns by playing Atari games, but the process is now faster given that AI can control the pixels and predict rewards.

Duolingo’s bot with help you learn a language the natural way – by using it

Duolingo, maker of language training solutions, is joining the AI club with a new bot that will help you learn a new language by answering questions and engaging in conversation.
Emerging Tech

Robots could have a big impact on the school experience of chronically ill kids

A new study by researchers at the University of California at Irvine examines how technology is making it possible for chronically ill students to experience the classroom through the use of telepresence robots.
Health & Fitness

Study: Delay your workout for several hours after studying for best retention

Researchers found that test subjects who rested for four hours after learning and then exercised retained information better than immediate exercisers or people who didn't exercise at all. Best advice: study, rest, exercise, ace the test.
Emerging Tech

Inspire your kids to be the next Elon Musk with the LittleBits electronics kit

Budding engineers and inventors will find inspiration in the LittleBits Gizmos and Gadgets kit, as it offers a box of electronic components with easy-to-follow guides for projects.
Emerging Tech

Robots can learn how to cook by watching YouTube videos, thanks to DARPA

Give a robot a cooking program and you feed it for a day; teach a robot how to learn by watching how-to cooking videos and you feed it for a lifetime. A DARPA program has enabled robots to learn how to cook by watching YouTube videos.