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The Kisai Uzumaki watch displays a whirlpool of a time

Tokyoflash unveils another fan-designed product, the Kisai Uzumaki watch, which resembles the vortex of a whirlpool.
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Sceptre’s new 24 series LED TVs are colorful, thin, ripe for the holidays

Sceptre's colorful new line of 1080p LED TVs come just in time for the holiday shopping rush.
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LED TV Technology

When we first started our podcast there were five competing technologies vying for your living room. Today its pretty much down to LCD and Plasma. Most would say LCD is running away with the market but Plasma is hanging in there. So what…
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LED Traffic Lights Don’t Melt Snow

Energy-efficient LED traffic lights may not melt snow, but they do cause accidents.

NEC MultiSync EA222Wme Brings LED Backlighting to Businesses

NEC is bringing power savings to business desktop computing with its new MultiSync EA222Wme 22-inch LCD desktop display.
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Best LED TVs

We rounded up the best LED HDTVs from pros like Samsung, LG, Sharp and more based on reviews and ratings.
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HDTV Buying Tips: Why LED TVs are Best

Looking for the best TV money can buy? Try an LED-backlit set. Here's what the technology can do, and why it's worth the upgrade if you're in the market for a new HDTV unit.
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Key HDTV Features to Look for When Shopping

We help isolate some of the worthy features to look for when you're shopping for an HDTV.