Broadcasters can now earn cash from Periscope with these paid likes

Periscope fans can support their favorite broadcasters by sending Super Hearts or paid likes which the broadcaster can exchange for cash. So, is a paid like system a genius monetization strategy for an odd feature?
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More than 20 students suspended after liking a threatening photo on Instagram

The users behind an Instagram post threatening a school shooting were detained by police but the students that liked the photo were suspended. These days, you can never be too careful about what you endorse on social media.
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Wow! Facebook now allows users to react to chats inside Messenger

Facebook's News Feed reactions are debuting in Messenger. The app now allows users to like or use an emoji to react to messages, while mentions also make a new appearance for group chats.
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Facebook is changing the way it ranks posts based on your reactions and likes

Facebook will now start prioritizing "reactions" over “likes” when ranking your News Feed. The move comes just days after the first anniversary of the feature, which was been used 300 billion times since its launch.
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Likes, comments on Instagram posts have dropped by a third in past 12 months

Instagram might have more users than ever, but a new study shows interactions are down year-over-year. According to social media analytics firm Quintly, more users on the service means more content is fighting for FaceTime.
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New study shows Obama as the most 'liked' world leader on Facebook, and it's not close

Maybe it's his basketball playing. Maybe it's Obamacare. Maybe it's his whole-hearted embrace of social media. Whatever he's doing, President Barack Obama is officially the most "liked" leader on Facebook, and by a very, very wide…
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Twitter replaces star-shaped favorites with heart-shaped likes

Twitter has replaced the familiar star-shaped Favorite button with a heart-shaped Like button, saying its use will be less confusing to newcomers, and can be used to convey a wider range of internationally understood emotions.
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According to new research, going blue could get you more Instagram Likes

Wondering how to get those precious double taps? Analytics team Curalate did the research and found that blue-shaded photos are one way, and that's only the start.
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Like change? You’re in luck, because Facebook just updated the Like button for the first time

That's right - the button that has become a part of Facebook's core is getting a much deserved, long-awaited makeover.
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Facebook ‘Likes’ are protected by the First Amendment

A judge ruled that Facebook "likes" constitute protected speech. We still don't advise you to "like" that page advertising where you can totally buy drugs online.
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Facebook’s fight on faked Likes has officially begun

Facebook is taking on fake Likes, bot-boosted brand pages, and faux accounts, and it's starting now.