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Japan's king of cute wants to develop a lovable A.I. you can't live without

In 2011, messaging app Line capitalized on the increasing popularity of smartphones to become a massive hit. Now, it wants to do the same with artificial intelligence, and it’s going about it in a unique way.
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Looking for a Lululemon alternative? You might be able to look to Amazon

It might be easier these days to list what Amazon doesn't do rather than what it does. The retail giant is ensuring that it never becomes obsolete by staking in a claim in just about every sector there is, including sportswear.

Don’t wait in line to pay — just use the new Barclaycard technology instead

Barclaycard is rolling out new software that would allow customers to buy items simply by scanning them with a smartphone’s camera. So bid adieu to boring queues -- Barclaycard wants to save you money in the form of time.

Line, Naver launch “Clova,” their attempt at bringing Alexa-type tech to Asia

Line and Naver have announced a new personal assistant called Clova that's aimed at taking on the likes of Amazon Alexa in Asia. The first Clova-enabled device will be launched in summer in the form of a smart speaker.

Got 200 friends? Video chat with them all at the same time using Line

Messaging app Line has launched a group video chat feature, where you and up to 200 of your friends can all chat together. Obviously, there won't be 200 tiny windows on the screen though, and the view is restricted to four. And yes, there…

Line may not be focusing on the U.S., but it has impressive plans for expansion

Line CEO Takeshi Idezawa revealed in an interview with VentureBeat that the company will be focusing primarily on four Asian market (Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia), rather than expanding efforts in the U.S.

Looks app lets you try out new makeup styles using a selfie cam, and it has a mode for dudes

Line, the popular mobile messaging platform, has released Line Looks, an app for virtually trying out different makeup styles. Cleverly, it includes makeup looks presented by brands including Clinique. There's even a mode for men.

At $1.3 billion, Line's upcoming IPO looks like the biggest tech debut of 2016

Japan's Line Corp has set the price of its initial public offering at the very top of its targeted range, the company revealed Monday, and plans to sell 35 million shares at 3,300 yen each. The company will IPO at $1.3 billion.

The stickers are taking over: Line to launch Line Mobile MVNO in Japan this summer

Popular messaging platform Line will open Line Mobile in Japan this summer, transforming itself into an MVNO. People who use Line regularly will really benefit, as Line services won't count against monthly data and call allocation.

Love taking pictures of your food? Then you’ll love the new app Foodie

If your Instagram account, Facebook Timeline, and Twitter feed are more of an homage to your love for food than anything else (mine is too), get ready for your world to be upended in the best way possible with the new app Foodie.

Just over a year after acquiring MixRadio, Line is shutting the music streaming service down

In late 2014, Line acquired MixRadio from Microsoft. Now the streaming service, which works similar to Pandora and other Internet radio services, is being shut down in favor of the company's own Line Music.
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Secure the stickers: Line messaging app adds end-to-end encryption to boost privacy

Using the Line messaging app has just got a whole lot more private. Messages sent between two users are now secured with end-to-end encryption across multiple platforms, an industry first according to the company.