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Class-action lawsuit filed against Groupon by former employees

Former Groupon employees file a class-action lawsuit against the daily deal site over improperly paid overtime wages.

Facebook gets rid of Deals

Facebook ditches its Deals product following a major privacy overhaul and a similar scrapping of Places. Is the company trimming fat to focus or is daily deals losing its appeal?
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Rumor: LivingSocial about to begin IPO process

Reports say LivingSocial will be the latest to file IPO.

Is Groupon killing local businesses?

As Groupon’s deal-a-day formula flourishes, many small businesses are feeling the crunch of providing the endless deep discounts that have made the site a hit.

Facebook challenges Groupon with deals in five U.S. cities

Facebook is getting into the local deals business, challenging Groupon by offering users deep discounts at local businesses.

Groupon gripes: Are daily deals headed for disaster?

Companies continue to pile into the daily deals space in pursuit of Groupon, but the pioneer’s formula still has a lot of kinks to work out.

Are Groupon deals losing their true value?

Complaints against Groupon mount as a $20-off coupon turns out to be something less, thanks to a retailer inflating prices for Groupon customers.

Facebook to augment Places with Groupon-style rewards?

Facebook may be rolling out a new tool encouraging users to check in at businesses to earn rewards.