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Flickr adds location-based “Geofences” to help protect your photos

Trying to keep up with sharing settings on various picture albums can eat up a chunk of time for the photographer concerned about privacy. Flickr is rolling out a new way to manage privacy based on location.

Internet anonymity suffering scrutiny courtesy of the London riots

The Internet alias takes another hit as British officials meet to discuss how to possibly regulate social media.
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UK gov’t will not ban social networks during civil unrest

In the wake of the London riots, the UK government has said it will not seek "additional powers" to block citizens from accessing social networks like Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger during periods of social upheaval.
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Web campaign raises $50,000 for 89-year-old barber hit by London looters

A group of intrepid advertising interns has launched a campaign to help save the livelihood of an elderly barber whose London shop was destroyed by rioters.
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UK may block Twitter, Facebook to help stop future riots

British Prime Minister David Cameron is pushing forward a plan to ban people suspected of inciting or planning criminal activity from using social networks like Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger.

Sony promises to replace the PSP of an Injured boy robbed on video during the London riots

As the London riots continue, one video of a bloodied 20-year old man with a broken jaw being mugged of his PSP leads Sony to announce that it will replace it.

Amazon sales figures paint violent picture of equipment used in London riots

Amazon is showing some fairly ominous sales trends in it's UK store.
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Is technology being misused to identify London rioters?

Ethical boundaries are being tested in the wake of the London protests as the Web users debate the line between privacy and security.

Hackers attack BlackBerry blog, threaten employees, after RIM agrees to help London police

Hacker group TeaMp0isoN infiltrated an official BlackBerry blog, and vowed to reveal personal data about Research In Motion employees if the company cooperated with Scotland Yard's investigation into who helped instigate the London riots.
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London riots: Police use Flickr to help catch looters

As London continues to smolder after three long nights of devastating riots, authorities and concerned citizens are using the Internet to help bring looters and other criminals to justice.
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Twitter, Facebook aiding London clean-up

Social networks come to the rescue to help organize community efforts.