Lyft wants to partner with cities to add bike and scooter sharing

Lyft announced a multi-mode transportation plan to bring bike and scooter sharing to cities. To kick off the new initiative Lyft will invest $1 million to help nonprofits establish income eligible transportation programs.

Lyft takes the bikesharing battle to Uber after buying largest operator in U.S.

Forget four wheels, Lyft and Uber seem more interested in two these days. While Uber recently acquired bikesharing startup Jump Bikes, Lyft announced on Monday it's snapped up Motivate, the largest bikesharing operator in the U.S.

Uber drivers have made $600 million in tips since last year

After years of complaints and competing ridesharing services already allowing riders to tip drivers, Uber finally allowed tipping last June. Since then, drivers have made $600 million in tips.

Uber could be trying to acquire Motivate from under Lyft's nose

Ride-sharing companies are looking to expand their domain. That's being evidenced by Lyft, the San Francisco-based company that is reportedly close to closing a deal to acquire Motivate. Now, Uber is making moves, too.

Lyft may join the party by putting its own electric scooters in San Francisco

As if the city doesn't already have enough of them, Lyft is reportedly looking into the idea of launching an electric-scooter service in San Francisco. Bird, Lime, and Spin launched similar services just two months ago.

Uber vs. Lyft: Which ridesharing app goes the distance?

Uber and Lyft have changed the way people get from A to B, and while these ridesharing companies provide the same service on paper, they operate in different ways. Here, we break down the major differences between the two.

Lyft’s All-Access subscription plan picks up steam, now boasts a wait-list

Hey, Lyft riders, how do you like the idea of paying a monthly fee to use the service instead of paying on a per-ride basis? The ridesharing service is currently testing such a system using the All-Access Plan.
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Walmart to end its grocery delivery partnerships with Uber and Lyft

It was never going to be easy to delivery groceries AND humans. Walmart partnered with Uber and Lyft in 2016 to help it with its last-mile grocery delivery operation, but the logistical challenges have evidently proved too much.

Self-driving cars hit the Las Vegas Strip thanks to Lyft and Aptiv

As part of its partnership with ridesharing giant Lyft, Aptiv has launched a fleet of 30 autonomous vehicles in Sin City, and they're now available for your commuting convenience.

Lyft pledges to offset its carbon emissions, commits to carbon-neutral rides

This week, Lyft launched a program to "immediately offset the carbon emissions from all rides globally." As a result, moving forward, the company has committed to ensuring that "any Lyft ride ... will be carbon neutral." 

Lyft to send its own self-driving cars out on the country’s biggest test track

Lyft has numerous partnerships with other companies involved with self-driving cars, but the ridesharing outfit is to start testing its own vehicles in California at the largest secure test facility in the country.

GM's ride-sharing service is expanding beyond the U.S. and into Toronto

General Motors' Maven "personal mobility brand" is adding car-sharing services in Austin, Texas. The fleet in the south will be entirely electric, and boasts free charging for a limited time.

Lyft follows Uber into bike sharing, beginning in Baltimore

Lyft is getting into bike sharing, partnering with the city-operated Baltimore Bike Share scheme in Maryland. The move follows a similar one by rival ride-sharing service Uber in San Francisco earlier this month.

Top car trends of CES 2018

CES 2018 presented a host of significant advancements in automotive tech. Here are a few that stood out from the crowd.

Lyft capitalizes on Uber’s no good, very bad year, reports a stellar 2017

Uber may have had an abysmal 2017, with lengthy internal power struggles, lost licenses, and too many lawsuits to count. But here to keep you from getting too down on the future of ridesharing services is Lyft.

We rode in an Aptiv-powered Lyft at CES, and it was the best kind of boring

Aptiv and Lyft are taking self-driving cars on the Vegas strip for CES, so we took a ride.

Waymo, Lyft, and all the self-driving car companies at CES 2018

Companies like Ford and Audi might build the cars, but these are the companies building the technology that makes self-driving cars possible, and they’re all out in force at CES 2018.

Lyft and Aptiv will shuttle CES attendees around Vegas in self-driving cars

Automotive tech company Aptiv and Lyft will offer rides in self-driving cars during CES 2018. Passengers will be able to hail a self-driving car from the Las Vegas Convention Center using the Lyft app.