Mac OS X

Here’s how to use FaceTime for all your video-messaging needs

Streamlined face-to-face video calling is no longer stuck in the realm of science fiction courtesy of Apple's video conferencing software. Learn how to use FaceTime whether you're on iOS, an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod.

Speed up your Mac with these 11 tips and tricks

Time wears on nearly everything — and Apple's flagship products are no exception. Check out our guide on how to speed up your Mac using 11 tips and tricks for clearing the clutter and optimizing your apps.

Wondering how to copy and paste? It’s easier than you think

Knowing how to copy and paste can make your computer use much more efficient and enjoyable. This handy guide will make sure you know how to do both and more on both Windows PCs and Mac OS.

Hate iTunes as much as we do? Here’s how to give it the ax

Apple's iTunes is a major performance drain in Windows, and it's not exactly sprightly in Mac OS X either. That said, removing the media player be a serious boon to your desktop's performance. Here's how to get rid of iTunes in both…

Is one operating system not enough? Here’s the five best virtual machine applications

Buying a new computer just because you want to utilize another operating system is not a necessity. Check out our handpicked selection of the best virtual machine applications, so you can emulate one OS inside another no matter what your…

As Apple designers snooze, MacOS Sierra is slipping behind Windows 10

Apple has changed the name of OS X, but the underlying operating system remains the same. Aside from Siri, the MacOS brings little to the table, and the best extras are only applicable to iOS users.

Leaked images suggest Siri is coming to a Mac near you this fall

Siri's been on Apple's mobile devices for nearly five years. Now new leaked information suggests that the popular digital assistant is set to debut at WWDC next month, and in Mac OS X this fall.

Give your fingers a rest with TextExpander, the app you’ll wish you found sooner

Few Mac apps are as convenient as Smile's TextExpander. Check out our quick video guide if you're looking to learn a bit more about what it is and how it works.

LG shows off unreal images of the Gram 15 with Mac OS X Photoshopped in

File this one under minor marketing blunders. LG used promotional images on its own site of the LG Gram 15 running Logic and Final Cut - both applications that only run on Mac OS X systems.

Google tests out native Mac OS notifications for Chrome, here’s how to enable it

Chrome's push notifications may soon be delivered within Mac OS' native notifications platform. Google is testing out the feature, but it's hidden from the public. Here's how to enable it.

Zero-day exploit can bypass rootless on Mac to modify the system without detection

System Integrity Protection, or rootless, was supposed to protect users from unauthorized changes to the system. But it's not bulletproof, and can even be used to protect unauthorized changes.

Update: Mac ransomware may have flaws that allow file recovery

Mac users have always been less affected by malware than Windows users, and some even boast about it, but over the weekend a new threat appeared in the form of the first ransomware targeting the Mac.