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First Jolla smartphone up for pre-order, ready to set sail before the end of the year (Updated with more specs)

Video: How a Nokia N9 is made

Tizen OS gains support from Acer, Asus, and maybe HTC

MeeGo killed in favor of Tizen, a new OS backed by Samsung and Intel

Say goodbye to Symbian, North America

nokia debuts n9 the first and last meego phone 1200 06

Nokia N9 gets countdown clock to September 23 release

hands on with intels line of atom based tablets including the meego wetab

Hands-on with Intel’s line of Atom-based tablets, including the MeeGo WeTab

Sea Ray 1

‘Sea Ray’ surfaces as Nokia’s first WP7 phone in leaked video


Nokia debuts N9, the first — and last — MeeGo phone

Nokia CTO Richard Green

Nokia CTO taking time off

LG and China Mobile may adopt MeeGo, the platform Nokia abandoned


Nokia moves Symbian to closed licensing

Nokia Head Office (Espoo)

Nokia sets job cuts talks for April

Nokia making a tablet without Microsoft?

Nokia N950 to be the sole 2011 MeeGo device


Blink and you miss it: Nokia Plan B vanishes

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Nokia Plan B calls for Elop’s ouster

intel still committed to meego tablet

Intel still committed to MeeGo

Nokia and Microsoft in negotiations, WP7 partnership likely

Nokia shelves first MeeGo phone before launch

Windows Phone 7 and Nokia: Two wrongs don’t make a right

android logo bot

Android claims top spot over Symbian in global smartphone shipments

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Nokia sees profits fall, new competition in emerging markets

RIM and Microsoft making headway with app developers

Leaked shot of Nokia’s upcoming MeeGo tablet

intel and nokia merge moblin maemo meego  generic thumb

Nokia N9 to feature Atom processor?

LG admits Windows Phone 7 sales didn’t meet expectations

China Mobile joins Linux foundation; accelerates Linux development

nokia c7 debuts as second symbian3 phone  october 2010

Nokia posts strong profit and 1,800 job cuts

Symbian Foundation head steps down

Mozilla releases Firefox 4 beta for Android

intel and nokia merge moblin maemo meego  generic thumb

Nokia loses MeeGo chief

Nokia Thinks it Can Climb to #1 Using Symbian and Linux MeeGo