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Want internet immortality? Here's how to make the best memes

From Bad Luck Brian to Overly Attached Girlfriend, there's no shortage of memes in the world. But, there's always room for one more. Here's a quick rundown of memes and a guide on how to make your own.
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One does not simply share memes: Here are the dankest meme generators

The vast catalog of image macros known as memes are tied into the patchwork of our culture at this point. Here are the best meme generators on the internet to help us waste our time more efficiently.

'Harambe vs Capcom' lets the famous gorilla punch his way back to Africa

Capcom vs Harambe might not have been a game you expected, but you know a lot of people are going to play it. The beat'em up sees you take on the role of the internet's most be'memed gorilla in an attempt to make it back to Africa after…
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These are the most popular memes of all time (and their stories)

Thanks to the Funny Status site, we now know what the 10 most Internet-famous images of all time are. So here are just a few of the Master of Memes and their associated stories.
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Now you can stay in and 'Netflix and Chill' with this Airbnb listing

Binge watchers rejoice, the "Netflix and Chill Room" on Airbnb is an NYC apartment catered toward Netflix addicts. The Manhattan pad contains a bed with Netflix bedspread, HD projector, and Apple TV with Netflix account.
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Unlike Michael Jordan, Bill is someone we don't want to be

If you browse your Facebook feed, you'll probably notice several posts from friends telling you to be more like them. The posts are based on a meme, "Be Like Bill," and thanks to a meme generator, it's found renewed popularity, and…
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Turkish doctor in hot water over LOTR meme, but his lawyer has a brilliant strategy

You never know when a thorough knowledge of LOTR lore will come in handy, and a court case in Turkey currently hinges on whether a particular post features pictures of Gollum, or his amiable alter ego Smeagol
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Watch the subject of a cruel viral meme fight back in this video

Twenty-year-old Ashley VanPevenage, a student at Washington College, is speaking out and fighting back against cyberbullying perpetrated by hordes of total strangers after an image of her sans makeup went viral.

Stay away from the light! These glasses block blue light from your phone for better sleep

Exposure to blue light emitted by a smartphone screen right before bed ruins your sleep patterns. One solution that doesn't involve putting down your phone before bed, is to wear these special Jins Screen glasses, that won't make you look…

Merriam-Webster dictionary embraces “meme,” “emoji,” & other tech words

Your Scrabble game just got a lot more complicated with the addition of 1,700 new words to the Bible of the English language -- the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Included in the latest edition are words like "jeggings," "emoji," and "meme."
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Calling all procrastinators: These are the best Halloween costumes you can print

In a last-minute costume bind? Well you have no one to blame but yourself. However, we're going to take pity and show you the best options that require nothing but paper, scissors, string, and a printer.
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The story of the ultimate Hallow-meme costume you never knew about – and can never have

Wondering what Internet meme or trope to be for Halloween? Here's one fantastic option - and if history had gone just a little differently, you could go buy it. But alas, this costume will have to live on in our hearts.
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How to become your favorite meme in time for Halloween

For people like you and me, Halloween is a challenge to create the best, most creative, topical reference possible - so why look any further than a meme? Here are a few favorite meme costume ideas, as well as how them make on short notice.
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Celebrate Hallowmeme with one of these truly iconic, Internet-inspired costumes

If Internet memes are where you get your pop culture fix, then look no further than this round up for your Halloween costume this year. Cost: low. Payoff: very, very high.
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WTF, Internet? It’s not OK to turn a murder into a meme

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of Aaron Hernandez - actually, it comes courtesy of all the horrible, horrible people out there who thought Hernandezing was a think that should happen. You know who you are.
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Can science predict the next big meme?

Creating the perfect meme is the plight of every committed Internet user, but the process of making one - and more difficult yet, making one go viral - is something of a mystery. One researcher maps the rise and fall of memes - and his…
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Redditor takes ‘Confession Bear’ meme too far with murder confession

Reddit is a place for anonymity, but one redditor's anonymous confessions using the 'Confession Bear' meme have landed him or her in hot water.
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Google introduces animated GIF search, Internet weeps with glee

We’ve been giving Google a lot of flack for suspending noteworthy services like iGoogle and the recently announced Google Reader, but we're willing to forgive a little because of something the search giant has added – you can now search…