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Alexa now lets Android users dictate and send text messages

As the smart-speaker wars heat up, Amazon has introduced another Alexa talent that lets you use the digital assistant to send SMS messages. But read on to learn about the limitations.

Text up a storm with the best messaging apps for iOS and Android

These days, most people tend to favor digital messages over phone calls. We have the best messaging apps that allow you to share photos and documents, send text messages, and more with end-to-end encryption.
Social Media

LinkedIn’s new smart replies help you manage your messages faster

If you're a busy professional on LinkedIn, then a new app feature has the potential to save you time. Called smart replies, it uses machine learning to suggest one-tap responses when messaging.

Tired of switching between email and Slack? You may want to try Redkix

Tired of switching between email and an instant messaging application for work? Redkix is a new messaging work client that can handle both -- best of all, you only need an email account to message a Redkix user.

Amazon's new app Anytime could be WhatsApp meets Instagram meets Seamless

Could it be? A new messaging app from Amazon? According to new reports, the online retail giant (which has now expanded well beyond e-commerce), is working on a messaging app called Anytime.

WhatsApp inexplicably goes down for users around the world for several hours

The popular Facebook-owned messaging service started having trouble early Wednesday evening, particularly in Europe, but now appears to be resuming functionality around the world.
Emerging Tech

Who needs hands? This robot draws your tweets, messages, and artwork on command

Launched via Kickstarter, Joto is a connected display board that draws tweets, messages, and even art with a pen. The device combines digital connectivity with analog presentation.

Google’s Allo messenger gets GIF sharing, animated emojis in latest update

Google's Allo messenger is getting smarter. It's gaining new emoji, an easier way to access the Google Assistant, and more in a sizeable update. It will roll out first to Android users.

Text and shop: You will soon be able to browse for stuff within the Viber app

You can talk, you can text, and now you can shop within Viber. The instant messaging and VoIP app is the latest to adopt the trend of allowing for more and more in-app activity to take place.

Skype is jazzing up its app with four new features to help you ‘express yourself’

Skype is testing out four new features for its app. Aimed at offering new ways to express yourself, they include in-call reactions, integrated camera, messaging reactions, and find panel.

Gfycat makes it easier for developers to make GIFs a part of their apps

Gfycat, one of the world's largest online GIF libraries, has launched a software developer kit that will tap into its growing collection of animated images. It's launching first with messaging app

Secure video calling is now available on encrypted messaging app Signal

In an effort to compete with other messaging services, Open Whisper System's Signal -- a secure chat service known for its commitment to privacy -- now lets users make encrypted video calls.