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Yes, Facebook is reading the messages you send through Messenger

In an interview with Vox, Mark Zuckerberg noted that Facebook's system is capable of detecting "what's going on" in the Messenger app. Bloomberg later clarified that Messenger in fact scans users' messages.
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Messenger goes immersive with new 360 photo compatibility

Now you can share that immersive scene with just your closest friend. Messenger now supports 360 photos, including both smartphone shots and files from a 360 camera. The update comes with a bump up in video resolution to 720p.

Facebook adds video calling service to Messenger Lite app

Facebook is bringing video calling to Messenger Lite, the slimmed-down version of the Messenger app we all know and love, intended for those in developing areas and with bad signal alike.
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Social Feed: Fire department saves kid on Facebook; YouTube’s latest gaffe

When one mom needed 911 but didn't have a phone -- she used Facebook Messenger. The odd rescue story along with a YouTube moderation mishap and new guidelines for removing illegal content are in this week's Social Feed.
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Social Feed: Messenger adds shortcut for group calls, Instagram expands privacy

What's new on your favorite networks? Messenger group calls are now easier to start, Instagram has new privacy options for photos in Direct, and Twitter updated policies on self-harm. It's this week's Social Feed.
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Facebook shuts down the M assistant, but the features it inspired will live on

Facebook M, a beta of a personal assistant program, is shutting down this month. While the tool never launched publically, it inspired new features such as M suggestions, a tool that will stick around.
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Get ready for reindeer selfies — Facebook is launching its holiday features

Turn yourself into a reindeer, send a digital card or go live with your New Year's countdown using new options from Facebook. The list of features also includes a first for Memories focused on friends' holiday snapshots.

Facebook Instant Games gets live-streams so you can show off your skills

Facebook is celebrating a year of Instant Games with some new features, including live-streaming and, starting next year, video chats. New games are coming, too, including special versions of Angry Birds and Sonic Jump.
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Instagram test could ditch private messages, launch Messenger-like Direct app

Instagram Direct may leave Instagram in favor of its own stand-alone app. The company is currently testing the feature in six areas, which would create a split similar to Facebook and Messenger.

Enjoy photos in all their 4K glory with the latest Facebook Messenger update

Facebook Messenger will no longer downsize photos to 2K with new 4K resolution support that allows friends to share more detailed photos. PayPal's Messenger extension also sees a new ability to send invoices in-app.
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Too lazy for real Halloween costumes? Facebook Camera helps you dress up in AR

Direct a character out of a haunted house in Facebook Camera's new game -- oh, and that character will be wearing your face. Facebook is also adding Halloween-themed AR masks, frames, and even status update backgrounds.

Facebook's M assistant can now suggest movies thanks to Fandango

Facebook rolled out M, its personal assistant, around the U.S. and Mexico. The artificially intelligent assistant can help you with things like booking Uber rides and finding a restaurant. Here's everything M can do so far.