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LG microLED TV sneaks into IFA, takes a swipe at Samsung

LG isn't making a big deal about it, but the company did show up to IFA 2018 in Berlin with a huge microLED TV. Tucked behind nondescript velvet curtains, the big bright display takes a silent swipe at Samsung, which showed off a microLED…
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Will Samsung’s massive MicroLED TVs make their way into homes next year?

Samsung plans to bring a scaled down form of its “The Wall” MicroLED TVs to the luxury home market next year, offering massive screen sizes at a price it says won’t be as high as people might assume.

Is Apple developing its own display tech for watches?

Apple is reportedly producing its own displays for mobile devices for the first time, with an Apple Watch prototype already sporting the MicroLED technology. Such displays can help build slimmer and more power-efficient devices.
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6 incredible TVs we saw at CES 2018, from OLED to MicroLED

From MicroLED to OLED to roll-up and wallpaper models, here are the six best TVs from CES 2018. Good news: There's actually one you'll be able to afford in this bunch.
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CES 2018 is over, but these hot products and trends will shape the year ahead

From new TVs to audio gear to self-driving cars and more, CES 2018 revealed trends that will shape the year ahead in gadgets. Our intrepid reports and editors scoured Las Vegas to find what you need to know.
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MicroLED is the new hotness in TVs. But OLED isn’t going anywhere

Samsung wowed the crowds at CES 2018 with its massive, 146-inch display using MicroLED technology called “The Wall.” But is this the technology to look forward to in the near future?
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Hands on with LG 88-inch 8K OLED and more crazy TVs from CES 2018

You know we'll see some gigantic screens, but what else can we expect to see in terms of innovations in TV at CES 2018? We've got our predictions all laid out here, and, yes, 8K is coming.

Forget OLED: Apple may instead use microLED displays on future iPhones

Forget OLED displays -- Apple may be heading toward something better -- microLED. The company is largely expected to switch to OLED displays soon, but that may just be a placeholder for the development of microLED.