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How to choose a microSD card for the Nintendo Switch

Though the Nintendo Switch has onboard memory, you'll likely need a microSD card to store all your digital downloads. Here's how to choose the best one.
samsung microsd memory cards half off on amazon 146649b7 6541 468b a9a7 311db8ba9476  cr0 0 1500 pt0 sx300

Samsung MicroSD memory cards get massive discounts in Amazon Memorial Day deal

SanDisk Extreme MicroSD

SanDisk’s $450 microSD card adds 1TB more storage to your Surface Pro

western digital fastest 1 tb microsd mwc 2019 sandisk extreme micro sd 1tb main

The tiny SanDisk 1TB microSD cards are breaking speed records

Nintendo Switch review

New HyperX MicroSD cards give you plenty of space for Nintendo Switch games

integral memory largest microsdxc yet 512gb microsd card notification

Integral Memory claims the largest MicroSDXC yet with 512 GB

10 game franchises that might work in vr l a  noire

Digital download of 'L.A. Noire' on the Switch is too big for internal storage

lexar 256gb microsd card 1000x micro sd

Lexar’s new 256GB MicroSD card can hold up to 9 hours of 4K video

the legend of zelda breath wild hands on nintendo switch our first take me 0017

The official Nintendo Switch MicroSD card is pricey and unnecessary

the legend of zelda breath wild hands on gameplay 0003

Hyrule has never been this big — 'Breath of the Wild' download size may cause frustration

sandisk first a1 card ces 2017 ultra micro sdxc uhs i c10 256gb

This MicroSD card is the first rated with enough speed to handle apps

Lexar Professional MicroSD Card

Hands on: Lexar Pro 1800x MicroSD Card

lexar quality lab tour 5

Stocked with gadgets dating back to 1996, Lexar's testing lab is almost a museum

Lexar invited us to California for a tour of the Lexar Quality Lab, which houses over 1,100 devices for testing memory cards and USB drives.
lexar usb type c high endurance micro sd c20m c1 1

Lexar’s High-Endurance memory cards offer maximum reliability for security cameras

Lexar announced new Android-compatible JumpDrives and MicroSD card readers which both come optionally equipped with USB Type-C connectors.
cfexpress announcement memory card  flash

Lexar explains why not all memory cards are created equal

SD, MicroSD, CompactFlash, CFast, XQD ... Memory cards for DSLRs, tablets, and smartphones are befuddling. Lexar explains formats, features, and quality.
samsung introduces ufs cards card featured

Is this new 256-gigabyte flash storage the SD card killer?

This tiny storage device could be a game-changer with five times the speed and capacity bigger than some hard drives.
sandisk 256gb microsd worlds fastes microsdxc

SanDisk’s high-performance MicroSD cards are built for your 4K video library

SanDisk's latest MicroSD cards, coming later this year, offer up to 100MB/sec transfer speeds and enough capacity for 14 hours of 4K footage.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 review microSD

Samsung’s Evo Plus MicroSD card can store 10 hours of 4K GoPro footage

Samsung introduces a huge 256GB MicroSD card that can hold 10 hours of 4K GoPro footage and more than 100,000 smartphone photos.
toshiba shows theres still life old storage standards yet toshibacard

Toshiba shows there’s still life in old storage standards yet

Toshiba knows that there's still a lot of people using USB 2.0 and SD Card devices. 
galaxy s8 tips and tricks

Wanna store half a terabyte of photos? You can with this MicroSD card … ‘technically’

Microdia claims it will release the biggest MicroSD card we've seen thus far, the 512GB Xtra Elite. But the company has missed its own release deadlines.

This is the world’s first 200GB MicroSD card, courtesy of SanDisk

Remember when 4GB flash drives seemed like they had tons of storage? SanDisk has shrunk 200GB down to the size of a fingernail with its new MicroSDXC card.
toshibas u3 microsd cards fast enough handle 4k video still tiny easy lose toshiba 3

Toshiba’s U3 MicroSD cards are fast enough to handle 4K video, still tiny and easy to lose

Toshiba has unveiled the world's fastest MicroSD card. These U3-designated cards can support 4K, 2K, and live video broadcast recordings.
amazon microsd card deal march samsungsdcard

Today is the day to buy that SD card: Amazon heavily discounts MicroSD and SD prices


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In2Pay,Visa Mobile contactless payments solution released

SanDisk Launches $20 slotMusic Player

SanDisk to Offer DRM-Free Music on microSD