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Here’s how to easily reset Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surface

If you're running Windows 10 on your Microsoft Surface and the device is running poorly, it may be time for drastic measures. We've mapped out how to reset the device to factory settings to get it running like new.

Five years on, Microsoft’s Surface has made your PC better

Microsoft is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its innovative and controversial Surface line. The company's 2-in-1s paved the way for new categories of PCs.

I tried using the Surface Book 2 as my only PC, and it let me down

Powerful and beautifully engineered, the Surface Book 2 looked like a PC that could serve my every need, replacing multiple systems at once. Instead, it left me annoyed and disappointed.

Microsoft fires back against reports that the Surface line is unreliable

After recent Surface devices were stripped of their "recommended" status by Consumer Reports, Microsoft has issued a response to claims that the laptops and tablets are unreliable.

Premium notebook knockout: ThinkPad X1 Carbon versus the Surface Laptop

Lenovo and Microsoft, once just partners, now do battle in the premium notebook market. We pit the ThinkPad X1 Carbon versus the Surface Laptop to see which company is doing the better job of meeting premium requirements.
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Time to get ripped? AMD’s Threadripper CPUs power up processor war with Intel

DT Daily today: We put new AMD Threadripper CPUs to the test, Facebook wants you to watch Watch, Consumer Reports dings Microsoft's Surface PCs.

Microsoft’s Steven Bathiche redefined the PC, and he wants to do it again

Microsoft’s Surface line has proven the company knows how to build hardware, but it wasn’t built overnight. It was founded on a long history of research and innovation by scientists like Steven Bathiche.

Immortalize your display: How to take a screenshot using a Microsoft Surface

No Print Screen key? No problem. Our comprehensive walkthrough will teach you how to take screenshots on your Microsoft Surface in no time, whether you want to use Touch Cover, or the innate Snipping Tool.

Save up to $414 on Microsoft Surface 2-in-1 tablets and notebooks

Microsoft just launched the latest additions to its Surface lineup, which means new deals and lower prices on previous-generation devices. For a limited time, you can save hundreds on these Surface 2-in-1 notebooks, laptops, and tablets.

Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Apple iPad Pro: These are no amateur tablets

Apple and Microsoft each tout their tablets as "professional," but only one can reign supreme. We get out the measuring sticks and compare the new Surface Pro with the iPad Pro to see who comes out victorious.

Microsoft Surface the most popular tablet, says J.D. Power

Tablets aren't the most popular of mobile devices, but of the ones that are available, it looks like customers are most partial to those made by Microsoft. J.D. Power announced that Microsoft won the award for Tablet Satisfaction

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is on most PCs, AdDuplex data shows

The latest AdDuplex data provides some additional detail on how the Windows 10 market is shaking out. Specific emphasis was placed on how quickly users are upgrading their Windows 10 machines and which PCs are dominating the ecosystem.
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Reminder: walkie-talkies are forbidden on NFL sidelines

The New York Football Giants are looking at a fine from the NFL for using a walkie-talkie on the sidelines during a recent game. That's one bit of tech that is not allowed to be used.

How Ultrabooks challenged the MacBook Air – and won

Windows notebooks used to be a joke, but Intel’s Ultrabook initiative, and Microsoft’s Surface gambit, compelled Windows OEMs to make them thinner, lighter, longer-lasting, and just plain better.
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Apple, Microsoft gear up for big reveals this week

Also today: What helped execute the big internet DDoS attack on Dyn last week, and Samsung looks to double down on their now tarnished Note phone lineup.

Microsoft, NFL respond to Belichick’s complaints about Surface tablets

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick once again went on a rant against the NFL's use of Microsoft Surface tablets on the sidelines, promising to give them up for good and to go back to paper.

Microsoft offers premium Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Whether you're looking for a Surface Book that can play recent video game releases, or a Surface Pen that's a fetching shade of gold, Microsoft has you covered with its new raft of product releases.

Surface Hub, Microsoft’s $9,000 wall-mounted touchscreen, is delayed yet again

The Surface Hub is a wall-mounted touchscreen all-in-one. After two delays, Microsoft announced a third, and a pretty steep price increase as well. If you've been waiting, you've got a while longer to wait.