Motorcycle Helmet
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Helli helmet automatically calls an ambulance if you crash your motorcycle

Helli is a smart motorcycle helmet that will call an ambulance for you if you're involved in a crash. Oh, and it comes equipped with Bluetooth, speakers, heart rate monitor, and a dashcam too.

Livemap's augmented reality motorcycle helmet could launch next summer

Livemap is attempting to bring augmented reality to the motorcycle helmet and showed off a new prototype of its helmet at Augmented World Expo. This time around, the helmet is lightweight and offers a better optical system.

New motorcycle helmet makes wearing and removal a snap

The Voztec motorcycle helmet works on a hinge, enabling the rider to snap it on via a rear-mounted hinge. This allows a more snug fit and it eliminates the chin strap. Additionally, it is easier to remove by emergency personnel.

Ride in style with the Master Chief motorcycle helmet

Coinciding with Microsoft's E3 announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, NECA has shared a first look at their prototype Master Chief motorcycle helmet, coming in 2015.