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Modern cars are a privacy nightmare, and there’s no way to opt out

Data privacy is important, but according to a new report, it turns out there's one product category that may be worse at privacy than others -- cars.
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These ingenious ideas could help make AI a little less evil

Canva in Firefox on a MacBook.

Firefox just got a great new way to protect your privacy

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The latest Firefox release redesigns its private browsing feature

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YouTube’s dislike button is barely functional, says Mozilla

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Firefox just gave you a great reason to ditch Chrome for good

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Mozilla still has a beef with Windows 11 — here’s why

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Mozilla’s Firefox browser for Android and iOS gets a revamped homepage

Mozilla Firefox opened on a desktop.

Firefox gets a massive design overhaul, and it’s gorgeous

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How to determine your browser version

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Firefox for desktop will hide those pesky notification permission pop-ups

Chrome Apps

These 6 popular browser extensions are selling your data

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox’s ad-free premium browser will cost $4.99 a month

Last month, Mozilla revealed that it would offer a paid version of its popular Firefox browser, and now a page on Mozilla's website has more information. It will be charging $4.99 per month for ad-free access to some as yet unnamed journalism websites.
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Paid browsers are the future, and Firefox might offer a better deal than Chrome

An interview with Mozilla CEO Chris Beard by German magazine t3n has revealed that Mozilla, like Google, may be offering premium browsing features. But unlike Google, its method for doing so may be easier for its users to swallow, as it plans on letting free users keep their current services.
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Firefox extensions stopped working this morning, but a fix is on the way

Before 12:00 a.m. UTC today, many Firefox users found themselves browsing with their usual extensions. When the clock ran over to midnight, a code certificate expired and caused the glitch, disabling all extensions. A fix for the issue has been created and will be rolled out soon.
firefox 55 adds webvr support

Mozilla rolls out Firefox for iPad with split screen support

firefox send file sharing service is now an android app

Firefox Send file-sharing service is now an Android app

Mozilla has just launched Firefox Send as an Android app. The free service lets you share files of up 2.5GB via a web link that expires after a certain period of time or number of downloads. Firefox Send launched on the web earlier this month before coming to Android on Friday.
Firefox Send Mozilla Blog Stock Photo

Share encrypted files via Mozilla’s Firefox Send, a free file-sharing service

Mozilla has released a new and free encrypted file-transfer service called Firefox Send. The new file-sharing service offers a number of security features such as expiring file links and a preset, limited number of downloads. Firefox Send is also expected to let users send large files.
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Mozilla exec calls on Congress to restore 2015 net neutrality protections

To restore net neutrality protections, Mozilla COO Denelle Dixon argued that Congress needs to bring back at least the same protections granted by the 2015 order. Dixon argued that net neutrality is needed to help small businesses flourish, and an internet without gatekeepers is the best way to do that.
state lawmakers trying to save net neutrality contracts mem4

FCC didn’t have the right to repeal net neutrality, court case argues

This week a major court case in support of net neutrality began, with a group of consumer advocates and internet trade organizations challenging the Federal Communications Commission's overturning of the Open Internet Order. They say the FCC did not have the right to repeal to OIO.
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Firefox will disable Flash on its browsers by default in 2019

Mozilla will officially disable the Flash plugin by default in a 2019 release build, potentially as soon as September. A new bug report highlights a "deprecation roadmap" which will see Flash disabled by default in the Firefox 69 Nightly build followed by a stable release in September.
firefox 58 may be first major browser to block canvas fingerprinting mac screen desk

Firefox 64 helps keep your numerous tabs under control

Mozilla has officially launched Firefox 64 placing new features into the laps of its users including new tab management abilities, intelligent suggestions for extensions and features, and a new task manager for keeping Firefox's power consumption under control.
firefox chrome back end mozilla symbol hq headquarters building sign convention open source

Microsoft is ‘handing even more of online life’ to Google, Mozilla CEO says

Microsoft recently announced it would be rebuilding Edge on Windows 10 by using Google's Chromium engine, but not everyone is happy with the decision. In a new blog post, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard writes that he believes the move is "handing online life control" to Google.
firefox 55 adds webvr support

Mozilla’s built-in price-tracking extension makes it easy to shop with Firefox

With Black Friday and the Christmas shopping period approaching, it can be tricky to stay on top of the best deals when shopping on the internet. Mozilla has heard those worries and is introducing a new set of experimental extensions aimed at making it easier to shop while browsing with Firefox. 

Firefox mobilizes a three-pronged attack against ad-based tracking

Mozilla's Firefox browser will eventually block ad-based tracking by default. To get there, the company plans to roll out new features over the next several months, such as an ad-blocking component already available in Firefox Nightly. If this component works, it will go mainstream with Firefox 63.
firefox chrome back end mozilla symbol hq headquarters building sign convention open source

Mozilla goes all-in on voice commands with its latest browser concept

A recent Mozilla Foundation talk saw it discuss the possibility and architectural requirements for a new kind of web browser that would have fully integrated vocal commands at its core. The new browser ideal would build on existing vocal systems to provide a platform that was intuitive for those with sight limitations.
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Mozilla teamed up with a brewery for an open-sourced beer, and we downed a pint

Mozilla and Widmer partnered to create an open source beer. The result, OpenSourcery, is a drinkable American IPA typical of the style, but it's also just the beginning. The companies hope to offer more, and more detailed, community input to refine the beer into something great.
mozilla internet hackathon event 1904

The Internet is sick. Here’s how Mozilla is making it healthy again

Recently the Mozilla Foundation brought together thousands of open source activists and engineers at more than 60 events, in locations as far apart as Portland, Toronto, London and New Delhi, for its Global Sprint hackathon event. Their goal? To make the internet a better place. Is that one hack too far?
what is chromium firefox quantum dt

Firefox 60 is the first browser to support password-free internet logins

The latest version of Firefox "Quantum" is out, and with it arrives support for the WebAuthn standard. This allows you to log into web accounts without the need for a password. The drawback, for now, is the need for a physical security key. Eventually WebAuthn will support smartphones and biometrics.
mozilla hubs social vr experiment supports all browsers

Mozilla’s ‘Hubs’ builds a chatroom in VR for any browser and headset

Mozilla introduced a new social experiment called Hubs on Thursday that creates a private chat room in virtual reality. It's based on WebVR, meaning it works in any browser and on all mixed reality headsets spanning Google Cardboard to the HTC Vive headset. It's primitive for now but shows potential.
spotify 4 dtd04032018

DT Daily: Having never made a profit, Spotify goes IPO, rakes in billions

Spotify's IPO starts streaming money into the company's coffers, we review the new HTC Vive Pro VR headset, and the new Firefox Reality browser brings the web to VR.
Mozilla HQ

Mozilla announces Firefox Reality, a browser for augmented and virtual reality

Mozilla has announced an upcoming browser, Firefox Reality, that's designed specifically for mixed reality and virtual reality on stand-alone headsets.
firefox 55 adds webvr support

Firefox is on the front line in the fight to protect your privacy

How do browsers handle the Meltdown and Spectre flaws, as well keep user data as secure as possible on social networks? We asked Dave Camp, Vice President of Engineering at Firefox, for his insider insight.
best firefox addons computer pc laptop

Mozilla’s Facebook Firefox tool helps keep your browsing habits more private

If you're concerned about Facebook and privacy, then you will want to check out Mozilla's Facebook Container add-on for its Firefox browser.