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How to determine your browser version

Checking your browser version is a good way to stay current so you're surfing the internet safe and sound.
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Firefox for desktop will hide those pesky notification permission pop-ups

Almost everyone who's served a notification permission request on a website declines to accept it. Which makes the pop-up really annoying. With that in mind, Firefox creator Mozilla has decided to act.
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Mozilla exec calls on Congress to restore 2015 net neutrality protections

After citing several negative examples on how the FCC's decision to repeal net neutrality had hurt consumers and businesses, Mozilla's COO wants Congress to restore the 2015 order to protect an open and free internet without gatekeepers.

You can build your own smart home hub with Mozilla’s Project Things

Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, has come up with a platform called Project Things that claims to let you control all those smart home devices from the web by utilizing a Raspberry Pi to set up the network.
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