Mozilla acquires Pocket as it again looks to succeed in the mobile arena

Mozilla has acquired Pocket, a service aimed at helping users save online content for later. It's not known exactly how much Mozilla paid for the company, but Pocket has said it will remain a stand-alone service.

Snooze tabs and report issues with two new Firefox experimental features

Mozilla has released two new experimental features, SnoozeTabs and Pulse, that are aimed, respectively, at making it easier to come back to interesting material later and let Mozilla engineers know about problematic sites.

Delete your antivirus, says ex-Firefox developer — who claims it’s worthless

Anti-virus software may be making you more vulnerable, according to an ex-Mozilla developer. He claims that the software often comes with vulnerabilities of its own, which can open a user up to more problems than going without.

WOT's Firefox add-on disabled based on user data concerns

Mozilla's Firefox browser is apparently disabling the WOT add-on and marking it as suspicious, after removing the WOT add-on from the catalog in November 2016. Now, those users who still have WOT installed in Firefox are no longer able to…

Firefox 51 will warn you if you're about to enter a password on an unsecured site

The latest version of Mozilla's Firefox browser makes it clearer than ever if you're on a potentially unsafe website, starting with pages that ask for passwords. Eventually, Firefox will alert on all unsecured sites.

Mozilla just unveiled its new, web-infused logo

Mozilla, the not-for-profit organization behind the Firefox web browser, has just unveiled a new, minimalist logo as part of a branding move that it says will help it become known as "the champions for a healthy internet."

You have zero privacy thanks to tech, and these artists can prove it

A pop-up art exhibit in lower Manhattan aims to expose corporate monitoring and the reality of the modern Internet, with 54 exhibits and artwork that reveal a darker side to online life. Curated by Tactical Tech -- which helps activists…

Crashing the masquerade ball: New Firefox exploit could expose Tor users

A zero-day exploit that unmasks Tor users via a Firefox bug has been discovered with evidence that it’s already been used to target people. Mozilla and Tor have acknowledged the vulnerability and are working on a patch.

Here’s how all the major web browsers are tightening up web security

Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla have all laid out their timelines for ending support for the SHA-1 hashing algorithm because its security is now fundamentally broken. Websites have until around February to get updated.

Mozilla’s latest version of Firefox hits 50, but shows no sign of aging

Mozilla released version 50 of its Firefox browser to the masses, but don't expect a huge load of features as part of the celebration. The list is quite small and even smaller for users on Android.

Mozilla’s new Firefox browser engine to provide “quantum leap” in performance

Mozilla is currently working on a fresh new browser engine for Firefox called Quantum. It replaces the old Gecko engine that has been around since 1997 and will support new technologies and hardware from the ground up.

Mozilla’s Test Pilot gains three new experiments – we gave them a try

Mozilla launched on Wednesday three new experiments for its Test Pilot program for Firefox. These include a screenshot tool and a picture-in-picture tool. The company is also bringing Tracking Protection to the main browsing window.