The numbers don’t lie: Facebook is faltering. So what will eventually replace it?

Facebook is faltering, and the data prove it. User growth is slowing, employee outlooks are dipping, and young people are looking elsewhere. But for Facebook to fail, an alternative must arise. Who will it be?
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5 social media networks that are still alive and kicking, but we don’t know why

Bet you didn't realize your Myspace account is probably still active. We take a look at five social media networks that have us wondering why they are still around, and why it's time to go.
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Remember GeoCities? 9 tech titans that fell from grace

Not every tech company can be a winner, and not all of those that become winners can stay that way forever. Here are nine failed tech companies that were once titans of their respective industries
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Security researcher dumps 427 million hacked Myspace passwords online

A security researcher has published 427 million passwords from the recent Myspace hack online for anyone to download and scrutinize. Users should change their passwords if they think they’ve been affected.

That password reset email you got from Netflix is probably the real deal

Netflix is reaching out to users who may still be using the same credentials stolen in recent hacks on LinkedIn and Myspace to gain access to their streaming account. If you get an email from Netflix asking you to change your password, it's…
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Time Inc. purchases Myspace, may use it for content distribution

Part of a deal to acquire a company with a strong advertising network, Time Inc. is now the owner of the Myspace social network. The media company could end up using the network to distribute news stories.
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Myspace founder Tom Anderson’s two-year-old selfie is just now getting attention

Tom Anderson posted a selfie captioned "I am behind on processing photos! In other news, I think Japanese sushi is good for my skin :-)." In a classic case of delayed virality, the now 2-year-old selfie is just now getting Internet…
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Kim Kardashian’s pink MySpace page uncovered: Proof that nothing on the Internet ever dies

Us Weekly uncovered Kim Kardashian's MySpace page from 2006, when she had barely 850 friends! We learn she went by "princess," wanted children someday, and used a pink page template that looked just as awful as everyone else's.
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Former MySpace CEO explains why MySpace lost out to Facebook so badly

Mike Jones, the former head of MySpace, says he knows the reason why Facebook crushed MySpace in social networking popularity, despite the fact that MySpace was on the scene before Facebook.
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Myspace now boasts 36M users and a 340 percent increase in artists using the network

The social network continues its relaunch with some impressive new numbers - especially when it comes to artists using the network.
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Is Spotify Discover the music-social mashup we’ve been waiting for?

Spotify has taken over the streaming scene, but it's still missing that certain something (or things) that could propel it into a higher social status. Could its new Discover hub be what takes it there?

MySpace and Jimmy Kimmel partner up to stream live concerts

Now that MySpace is reborn and attempting to win over the hearts of the Internet's music lovers, the social network's teamed up with ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to stream exclusive concert series.
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Hands on: The Myspace app is a beautiful, confusing work in progress

Prefer to listen to music on the go? Here's a quick look at what the Myspace iOS app has to offer. While the app is gorgeous and brings in a few social features competitors don't, it might be a little too unfamiliar for those used to…
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The new Myspace leaves beta, with a mobile app to boot

Aside from sporting a brand-new look, MySpace also has a slew of new functions that hope to steal some of your Spotify account's thunder.

‘Following’ just got funkier thanks to Spotify’s music-ification of social media

Spotify’s new follow function has created one of the best music discovery engines yet, not to mention a bonafide social network built around music, musicians, and fans.
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How social media created (and destroyed) Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila was a reality star for the digital age. Now she's a fear-mongering conspiracy theorist. The very thing that catapulted the unknown into relative super-stardown - the Internet - is the same thing that tore her down. What…

Word on the street is Kid Cudi, Sleigh Bells, Diplo to head up Myspace’s secret SXSW concerts

All the big names in Internet and music are here at SXSW – except Myspace. At least, so far. Word on the street is Myspace plans to quietly invade SXSW this year with secret concerts, and we've got inside information on who and when.
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Myspace accused of ripping off indie labels

Myspace wants to be the new place to stream music. But licensing group Merlin says the revamped social network already has a copyright infringement problem.