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Nest will give smart thermostats to low-income families to help with energy costs

This Earth Day, Nest is launching an initiative called The Power Project, a national initiative to help Americans gain access to affordable energy solutions and local energy assistance programs.
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How to connect your smart home gadgets to your Amazon Alexa device

Love your smart home, but wish it didn't mean using so many different apps? This simple trick will make your life so much easier.
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Protect yourself: Here are some of best home security systems on the market

Looking for the best home security systems for your house? These systems offer the best mix of devices, smart features, monitoring services, and fees that you can afford (plus good customer service reports).
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The Nest Secure alarm system finally works alongside Google Assistant

You may have assumed that the Nest Secure, the smart alarm system from Nest, would come ready to work with Google Assistant right out of the box. Before today, you would've been wrong. But now, new functionality has been added.
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Leviton lights are now integrated with Nest smart devices for easier operation

Turning on your lights just got a little bit easier, as Leviton debuted new connection capabilities with a wide range of Nest devices, including the Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Cam, and Nest Protect.
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Nest adds to its lineup with new temperature sensors to keep your home comfy

Nest has a series of new security solutions on the market, including the Nest Hello video doorbell and its new Nest Aware plan. For just $5 a month, you can monitor your security footage for up to five days at a time.
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The Nest x Yale smart deadbolt lock begins shipping for $249

At CES 2018, the Alphabet-owned company Nest announced a new smart deadbolt developed in conjunction with Yale Locks and Hardware. Meet the Nest x Yale Lock, heralded as the first Works with Nest product controlled using the Nest app.
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As Amazon and Google keep bickering, consumers are the ones who lose

Last summer, when we got an Amazon Echo Show in our house, our son quickly figured out how to ask Alexa to watch snippets of his favorite movies on it. Pretty soon, Moana songs filled our home. Constantly. But last winter, YouTube went dark…
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Amazon steps up war with Google, kicks Nest out of the nest

The ongoing feud between Amazon and Google has a new causality: Nest. Amazon has announced that it will no longer carry Nest hardware on its storefront.
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The Nest Cam IQ will soon transform into a Google Assistant

Google wants to put its Google Assistant in everything and that includes products like the Nest Cam IQ, which is transforming into a Google Home-like device thanks to a new update.
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Ward off porch pirates with these best outdoor security cameras

Worried about porch pirates stealing your packages, or intruders entering your home? Always be in the know about who or what is on your property by installing one of these outdoor security cameras.
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Twitter finally turns a profit – and it only took 12 years

Twitter has a green quarter at long last, app maker's study shows smart watches can pinpoint health issues, Google is set to rev up Nest smart home products.