News Corp draws line in the sand over Aereo

During an opening Keynote speech at NAB 2013, Newscorp COO Chase Carey said that Fox will pull it's Broadcast signal if Internet TV re-broadcaster, Aereo, wasn't shut down by the courts. Threat or bluff, Fox is indicating it has no qualms about going cable-only.
news corp draws line in the sand over aereo nab carey keynote

News Corp pushes its way into the classroom with educational Amplify tablet

News Corp and its educational business Amplify has announced the Amplify Tablet, an Android slate designed expressly for use in schools, ready to challenge the iPad's growing user base in the educational system.
Amplify Tablet

LulzSec returns – hacks website of Murdoch’s Sun newspaper

As if Rupert Murdoch didn't have enough on his plate at the moment - LulzSec came out of retirement on Monday to hack the website of the UK's most widely read newspaper, the Sun. The hacking group posted a fake report claiming that the media mogul was dead.

Myspace up for sale as Myspace Music President Courtney Holt steps down

Myspace Music President Courtney Holt is reportedly stepping down from his post amidst rumors that parent company News Corp. is making moves to sell off Myspace.