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rupert murdoch step down ceo 21st century fox shutterstock

News Corp wants Google to take stronger action against piracy

News Corporation is the latest company to put pressure on Google to take more drastic measures against piracy.

News Corp draws line in the sand over Aereo

News Corp pushes its way into the classroom with educational Amplify tablet


News Corp. offers $4.7 million to phone hacking victims


News Corp. lost a quarter of a billion dollars on MySpace sale


Hulu announces video streaming expansion for Japan


Firefox and Chrome tools block Murdoch-owned websites

hulu tempt

Reports: Hulu acquisition talks hanging up on exclusivity

lulzsec returns hacks website of murdochs sun newspaper the

LulzSec returns – hacks website of Murdoch’s Sun newspaper

phone hacking scandal forces news of the world shut down

Phone-hacking scandal forces ‘News of the World’ to shut down

Justin Timberlake might bring talent competition to MySpace


Justin Timberlake buys ownership stake in MySpace

MySpace sold from the bargain bin at $35 million

myspace sale

Rumor: Myspace to lay off 37.5% of workforce on Wednesday

Time Warner iPad app

Viacom, Time Warner call a time-out on iPad fight

Hulu tempted to sell by mystery bidder


WSJ’s SafeHouse WikiLeaks knockoff isn’t safe, say researchers

IGN acquisition of UGO confirmed, no ‘major layoffs’ expected

IGN to acquire UGO, will operate gaming-focused website outside of News Corp.

A look inside News Corps’ overly optimistic MySpace sales pitch

myspace sale

MySpace sale negotiations begin next week; who’s buying it?


Time Warner, Viacom go to court over TV-streaming iPad app

Hulu Company Logo (thumb)

Hulu expects to hit 1 million subscribers in 2011

myspace for sale

Three reasons why MySpace is doomed


Myspace up for sale as Myspace Music President Courtney Holt steps down

the daily launch thumbnail

iPad newspaper The Daily launches today

News Corp, Apple to finally unveil The Daily February 2

Murdoch promises iPad-exclusive The Daily in ‘the next few weeks’

MySpace cleaves workforce nearly in half with 500 layoffs; UPDATE: Sale or spinoff looks imminent

MySpace mulling massive layoffs?

Rumor: The Daily is coming January 17

MySpace Logo (Nov 2010)

MySpace re-signs with Google for search and ads

Mac App Store delay, won’t be here until January

Mac app store could be here next week