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Hulu expects to hit 1 million subscribers in 2011

Hulu says it's on track to have 1 million subscribers by the end of 2011, claiming that'll be the fastest launch of any online video subscription service.
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Three reasons why MySpace is doomed

We've been hearing its death rattle for awhile now, but from the looks of it, MySpace is just about ready to kick the proverbial bucket.

Myspace up for sale as Myspace Music President Courtney Holt steps down

Myspace Music President Courtney Holt is reportedly stepping down from his post amidst rumors that parent company News Corp. is making moves to sell off Myspace.

iPad newspaper The Daily launches today

The Daily, News Corp's daily, iPad-exclusive newspaper, launches today at New York City's Guggenheim Museum.

News Corp, Apple to finally unveil The Daily February 2

After numerous delays, The Daily will premiere on the iPad February 2.

Murdoch promises iPad-exclusive The Daily in ‘the next few weeks’

From News Corp. itself, we're hearing that The Daily is weeks away.
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MySpace cleaves workforce nearly in half with 500 layoffs; UPDATE: Sale or spinoff looks imminent

In more bad news for the beleaguered site, MySpace will indeed be slashing its workforce significantly.
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MySpace mulling massive layoffs?

2010 wasn't great for MySpace, and 2011 might be off to a similar start. A report says the company could be slashing its number of employees in half sometime soon.

Rumor: The Daily is coming January 17

Finally, some news on the News Corp iPad-only publication leaks...even if it is just a rumor.

MySpace re-signs with Google for search and ads

MySpace and Google have entered into a multi-year renewal of their search and advertising deal.

Mac App Store delay, won’t be here until January

You won't be able to buy apps for your home computer until after the New Year, say inside sources.

Mac app store could be here next week

It sounds like Steve Jobs is pushing for a Mac App Store launch ASAP, and calling developers to have their apps finished and ready today.