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early apple pay problems could put off users says survey pos

Some retailers are blocking Apple Pay and launching a competitor

Apple Pay

No NFC for you: Apple restricts new iPhone 6 feature to payments only

iPhone 6 versus Plus header

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus: An in-depth comparison of both new iPhone models

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bring a number of notable improvements to the successful line, as well as offering a choice of two different form factors.
apple watch hands on 10

Apple Watch to use skin contact for secure Apple Pay purchases

Apple iPhone 6 concept

Apple inks deals with Amex and others for iPhone 6 mobile payments, report says

londons historic statues will start calling smartphones from this week peter pan talking statue

London’s historic statues will start calling smartphones from this week

nfc payment service isis rebranded distance middle eastern militant group wallet

NFC payment service ISIS rebranding to distance itself from Middle Eastern militant group

NFC payment service ISIS announced that it will rebrand in an effort to distance itself from the Middle Eastern militant group that shares the same acronym.
next phone might use magnetism communicate devices magnets to share data

Your next phone may use magnets to share data with other devices

Developers were recently able to transmit data from an electromagnet to a smartphone. Data included anything from a web address to a MIDI music sequence.
VivaLnk Digital tattoo

This ‘digital tattoo’ unlocks your Moto X, looks like a disgusting boil

Dimple cases

Dimple NFC sticker buttons for Android phones may soon come embedded in their own TPU case

The Dimple is an NFC sticker with buttons that can be customized to perform a variety of actions with a compatible Android phone. It may soon be a case too.
nintendo announces nfc toys mario figurine

Nintendo hopes to save Wii U with NFC figures and games

In a bid to help staunch the bleeding on the Wii U, Nintendo has announced a line of NFC-driven figures and games in the vein of Skylanders.
RFID Implant

Soon, we’ll all be cyborgs: crowdfunded xNT biohacking implant ships this month

Just a few short months after concluding its Indiegogo campaign, Dangerous Things is set to ship its NFC implant to paying customers later this month.
jabra rox earbuds released roxwireless

Jabra’s low-profile Rox Wireless earbuds may be simple, but they affordably do the trick

The Bluetooth- and NFC-compatible earbuds have power-saving magnets on each side — simply click them together (forming a necklace) to conserve battery.
Nokia Treasure Tag

Noki-arrr launches the Treasure Tag, a location tracker for forgetful pirates

yamaha now making first alarm clock actually love ysx b72 featured

Yamaha’s hi-fi alarm clock spares your tender waking ears, charges your gadgets

Leave it to Yamaha to reinvent the alarm clock. This powder-coated, wireless wonder offers enough custom features to make waking up a little more pleasant.
Nokia BH 121

Nokia launches compact, NFC headset in bright, Lumia-style colors

Coin Card

This single card can replace every other card in your wallet

Isis NFC Payments

Isis wireless payment system launches with the backing of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile

Harman Kardon’s new Nova speakers put a vortex inside a sonic globe of awesome

Harman Kardon released a new pair of compact Bluetooth speakers today, called the Nova. The speakers offer NFC pairing, 3.5mm and digital optical inputs.
awesome tech cant buy yet week november 1 2013 led stick for light painting

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet, for the week of November 1, 2013

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!
google launches android game vending machines in tokyo play machine 1

Google launches Android game vending machines in Tokyo

NFC Rings

NFC Ring can unlock your smartphone or front door

Samsung releases TecTiles2, new generation of programmable NFC tiles

Samsung announced the release of TecTiles 2, the next generation of programming NFC smart tiles.

‘Help Sony President Name His Pink Balls,’ pleads Sony. Yeah, really

Sony U.S. President Phil Molyneux posted a blog last night, requesting the help of Sony fans to "name his pink balls." Excuse me?
are the latest digital camera features essential samsung 44mm 2d 3d lens

Are these digital camera features must-have extras or useless fillers?

sonys nfc powered wireless audio ecosystem from tiny orbs to huge boomboxes dsc 0468

Sony’s NFC-powered wireless audio ecosystem, from tiny orbs to huge boomboxes

We take a close look at Sony's expansive line-up of NFC-enabled Bluetooth speakers, headphones and full-size audio systems.

Sony banks on NFC and 4K, teases 4K OLED TV

Sony has built an entire ecosystem around NFC pairing, is exploiting the living daylights out of its 4K/Ultra HD empire, and has a 4K OLED TV in the works.

Best apps to automate your Android phone

Learn how you can create different settings profiles for your Android smartphone and trigger them using apps or NFC tags.

Study: By 2020, smartphones will replace cash and credit cards as the preferred payment method

Dissecting the Windows Phone roadmap: What to expect from Tango and Apollo updates

Verizon to block Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus

Does the new Apple Store App set the bar for mobile payments?

PayPal will debut in brick-and-mortar shops


NFC update expands on mobile sharing technology